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Digital members card in the update for the ‘FC Barcelona Socis’ App

The Barça members can find their members card for 2024 in digital format in the ‘FC Barcelona Socis’ application which has been updated with a more attractive design. This update, as well as optimising the performance of the application for new devices, also makes it more secure and allows it manage different profiles and receive Club notifications on mobile devices. It is important to highlight that it is necessary to activate those notifications when the application prompts. 

Via the update of the ‘FC Barcelona Socis’ and the digital members card, Club members will have access to the Immersive Museum, amongst other advantages. Furthermore, soon from the updated app, Barça basketball season ticket holders will have an e-season ticket to enter the Palau Blaugrana with the chance to transfer tickets and all the information about the Seient Lluire scheme. 

Physical card for over 70s

From the age of 70, FC Barcelona members will continue to receive their members card in a physical format. Members who are not over 70 and who wish to have the option of a physical card can do so for a fee of 10 euros, the cost of manufacturing, managing and delivering the card. Requests can be made in person at the Members’ Office (OAB), and from 5 February via an online form that will be available on the Club’s website. 


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