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Emotion in the air at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

The small and not so small have had the chance to shine and take part in the various games from the Barça Academy World Cup presented by Allianz. Before each game the comradeship and spirit amongst the teams was plain to see, all united in their goal of winning and enjoying their time on the field. 

The Barça Academy Zurich from Switzerland had the fortune to be backed by a large contingent of parents and relatives who supported the team tirelessly. The Barça Academy Budapest fans were a bundle of energy, bringing colour to the Ciutat Esportiva with their flags and rattles. 

United States, Mexico and Italian flags at the Ciutat Esportiva 

For their part the Barça Academy Pro New York made their presence felt in the stand, proudly displaying the US flag wherever their teams were playing. Barça Blau stand out for their family atmosphere, embracing each other before the game. The Campus Italy team had undying support, similar to the team from Mexico, flags waving and songs being heard all over the Barça training complex. 

The Barça Academies from the Dominican Republic and Dubai had notable support during the whole day as did the teams from Turkey, amongst them the Barça Academy Istanbul. 

Visit from the Sant Joan Despí council 

Off the field the Sport and Health representative from the local Sant Joan Despí council, Francesc Vives, paid a visit to one of the venues for this year’s Barça Academy World Cup presented by Allianz. At the Sant Pancraci football pitch he was met by the director of the Barça Academy, Benny Megreli. The two talked about the development of the tournament and upcoming collaborations as they continue to work together following the success of the last two editions of the Barça Academy international tournament. 


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