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FC Barcelona continue to find the signing of Joshua Kimmich very complicated


The FC Barcelona has clear that the role of mediocentro in the eleven headline still has not been covered. In spite of the big work of Frenkie of Jong this season like pivote of the team, the reality is that the club has resentful the have a much more natural player and ‘pure’ in this position of the field, especially with the Dutch showing by moments that does not have some foundations to defensive level, as well as the have to move him away of the rival area, a zone where delivers a lot to the team.

For the past summer, as well as for this that it approximates , the name of Joshua Kimmich won a lot of chevrons for this role inside the Barcelona club, being an absolutely consecrated player and contrasted, and in addition to giving a value of present and future in the short term quite important. The German has agreement until 2025, and follows without renewing, but still like this his signing is not a simple mission by his value of near market to the 80 million euros.

The Barça has clear that Kimmich will not go out easily of Munich

This stage seems to be very clear inside the club, where Deco, in his position like sportive director, has signalled that “the Bayern does not leave to go out to Kimmich”, explained. Besides, the Barcelona director aimed that the mediocentro Teutonic “is very difficult to bring”, trying leave clear also that in 2023 already the Barça tried it.

To the margin of this, Deco also left clear that “does not exist a player like Busquets. They approach Rodri and Kimmich but his clubs will not leave them go out”, explained. “We find to Gündogan, that is a footballer that contributes us experience and also has a lot of quality”, resolved a Deco that tried to leave see that Kimmich would have to remain free to be a much more real option for the Barça.

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