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‘He priorities Barca’ – FC Barcelona coordinator says Manchester City star can join in 2025

Historically regarded as harboring the very best players from Europe, Barcelona have been obliged to scrimp and save over the last few years due to financial constraints.

While such frail finances have been a blessing in disguise, owing to the emergence of many talented young players, the Catalan giants are aware that they must reinstate their status as big hitters in the transfer market to solidify their place among Europe’s elite.

And there would be no better way than to sign players who are considered to be the best in their craft, with a certain Erling Haaland falling into that category.

Haaland prioritizes Barcelona

Indeed, according to Bojan Krkic, a former Barcelona player and now the club’s football coordinator, Erling Haaland has expressed a strong desire to play for FC Barcelona down the line.

With Kylian Mbappe set to join Real Madrid and Haaland already getting a flavor of Premier League football, Barcelona understandably appears to be next on the Norwegian’s agenda.

“Haaland prioritizes Barça. His desire is to play for Barça,” Bojan boldly declared to the Què T’hi Jugues.

“It could very easily happen that Haaland signs for Barça in 2025/26, the summer of next year,” he further professed.

With the Catalan giants likely to improve their finances by then, mustering up the funds to pay for Haaland’s reported release clause would become considerably feasible.

The feeling is mutual

Reports have previously mentioned that Laporta wants Erling Haaland to join Barcelona too because he sees it as a strategic decision that will help his campaign and the team’s roster.

If the president manages to get his hands on one of Europe’s deadliest strikers, he is sure to have the fans on his side.

The launch of the new Camp Nou stadium is scheduled to coincide with this plan, making the Champions League winner’s potential recruitment a means to help secure Laporta’s re-election.

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