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Jorginho, Guido Rodríguez, Rabiot… The means that the Barça could fichar to cost zero


The FC Barcelona, because of his current financial situation, does not find in position to make big transfers that involve significant investments from the economic point of view. In this stage, the club has seen forced to look for incorporations without cost any. Under this premise, in the next market of summer, present several interesting alternatives with which the Barcelona cast could reinforce his medullary zone, and here in ‘FCBN’ present them to you to continuation.

Jorginho – Arsenal

The mediocentro defensive that at present plays in the Arsenal will finalise his agreement with the picture londinense the next 30 June. The italo-Brazilian already has experience like pivote in big teams like Chelsea FC and the Naples, and has woken up interest in the FC Barcelona in previous occasions.

His name is going back to win notoriety in the combined ‘Gunner’, where has accumulated 1197 minutes of game, a goal and an assistance in 26 meetings. Although in principle it would not fit with the strategy of signings centred in young players that poses in the Barcelona cast, would not be descartable incorporate to a player of his hierarchy in a position that demands to a stellar name.

Adrien Rabiot – Juventus

The French midfield player, of 28 years of age, to the equal that Jorginho, has experience in clubs of elite, having played previously in Paris Saint-Germain and the Juventus, team with which at present has agreement, but does not seem to be in position to renew. The Frenchman exerts an important paper in the centre of the field of the ‘Vecchia Signora’, having invoiceed a total of four annotations and giving three passes to goal in 23 commitments, numbers that position it like one of the best in both statistical appearances. Besides, it is very appreciated by his versatility and experience, since it can play as much as inner like mediocentro, and keeps on being a valuable player in the market with a value estimated of 40 M€ as ‘Transfermarkt’.

Guido Rodríguez – Real Betis

The name of Guido Rodríguez was one of the most mentioned during the last market of incorporations estival like possible reinforcement for the FC Barcelona in the position of pivote. However, in this moment could not arrive to an agreement with the Real Betis, presumably because of economic questions, which, added to the age of the Argentinian player (29), weakened his candidature to turn into the new mediocentro of the club culé.

At present, although deportivamente has lost some importance because of a fracture distal in the fibula of his right leg, that has kept him out of 17 meetings with the combined ‘verdiblanco’, Guido Rodríguez could keep on being a valuable option for the Barça. In the present season, has accumulated an annotation and an assistance in 20 parties contested with the Andalusians. It can not overlook the fact that, in full physical conditions, can exert like a mediocentro stellar.

Thiago Alcántara – Liverpool

The good son always goes back home? In some cases, this could suceder, and in this sense, Thiago Alcántara could be an alive example of this. The Spanish midfield player will finalise his agreement with the Liverpool the next 30 June and, in spite of his 32 years of age, his experience in the picture of Anfield, as well as in the Bayern Munich, added to his knowledge on what means to dress the Barcelona T-shirt and all the related with the FC Barcelona, his philosophy and other details, would not be surprising ficharlo like an option to strengthen the centre of the field culé.

Nevertheless, the main problem in a possible transfer of Thiago could reside in his physical state when arriving to the City Condal. It is necessary to take into account that in the current season, the midfield player has suffered a pair of injuries that have prevented him participate in more than a meeting up to now. His inclusion, although it was an incógnita, because of the factor mentioned previously, would not be descartable if it arrives entirely recovered, considering all what can contribute to the team.

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