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Koeman Loads against Xavi Simons after going back to remain in ‘white’ with Low Countries


Ronald Koeman is not at all satisfied with the performance that offered Xavi Simons in the friendly of Low Countries against Scotland. Although they won comfortably and it did not do fault the brilliance of the midfield player, to the seleccionador Dutch seems him that it complicates too much and finishes losing a lot of balloons that prejudice to the community.

The ex of the FC Barcelona has spoken in the previous of the friendly against Germany and has left his very clear posture. It considers that it does him lacking have the pause and measure the actions as it requires in Low Countries, because it considers that it takes too many risks and that it is inadmissible the quantity of balloons that loses during the parties. The criticism has been quite hard and puts in doubt that can be title this Tuesday in the Deutsche Bank Park.

Koeman ‘Load’ against Simons

In statements in front of the media, Koeman has enumerated the failures that has had Xavi Simons that, in twelve internacionalidades has not been able to première like goleador and has had minimum influence in the attack. Of the party against Scotland, signalled that “Xavi took too many risks in his actions. It was one of these players that simply lost the balloon with too much frequency”, adding that his main problem is that “it complicates it too much. It has to learn little by little that to us, in Holland, does not benefit us lose the balloon”.

It does not be necessary to overlook that, in what it goes of season, the great midfield player nine goals and 13 assistances with the Leipzig. It is a player with a lot of ease to generate superiorities and that in the past campaign had stood out in the PSV with 22 targets and 12 passes dee goal. In Low Countries has not achieved to do ‘click’ and, although it keeps the confidence of Koeman, players like Malen, Reijnders, Gakpo and Memphis Depay ask step.

Halagos From Germany

In spite of the criticisms that has received by part of his seleccionador, in Germany is where more him sobran praises to Xavi Simons by the level that offers in the RB Leipzig: “His profile is exceptional. Never it is satisfied, always wants to more. It is a big boy”, said if trainer Marcos Rose, whereas his mate Kevin Kampl recognised the footballer of 20 years has “these win absolute to improve each day. He knows that it is well, but never is satisfied”.

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