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La Liga midfielder opens up about his ‘Barcelona dream’: “Followed them since I was a kid”

Girona have been the revelation of the season in La Liga this season. 27 games into the 2023-24 La Liga campaign, Michel’s men are second on the standings with 59 points and have even beat Barcelona in their meeting back in December.

One of the primary pillars of Michel’s project is Aleix Garcia who has impressed with his performances in midfield and his impeccable consistency. His quality has him linked with a move to Barcelona, and the player even admitted in the recent winter transfer window that he was open to playing for Xavi’s side.

Speaking in a recent interview with SPORT, Garcia once again reaffirmed his interest in playing for the Catalans and insisted that he did not see his comment three months back to be wrong, albeit conditionally,

“I don’t regret having spoken well about Barça, but about the moment and the ways. In the end, I’m very transparent, and sometimes I’ve talked about it with other colleagues. Why can’t we be transparent?”

“I would like to play for Barça. It’s the club I’ve followed since I was a kid and the one I’ve always liked,” he said, once again confirming his desire.

Speaking about his experience playing at Montjuic earlier this season and Girona’s 4-2 win on the night, Garcia said,

“The week after winning in Montjuïc was hard for me, and winning was amazing. I had extra pressure and I think it went well when it came to playing. Barça squeezed and subdued you, but I think we made a perfect match.”

The midfielder then went on to comment on Oriol Romeu’s situation at Barcelona, for the former Girona star’s form and prominence has dropped drastically in recent months.

“The people who love Oriol Romeu have all suffered. We trust him and we are aware that he can reverse the situation, but Barça is such a big club, with such great pressure, that it can cost.”

Finally, he detailed how Girona initially struggled after Romeu’s departure, the impact it had on the team’s dynamics and how they came back stronger to fill the void.

“When Oriol Romeu left, we were preparing the team with him as a pivot and it was a shock. I think we had a very good pre-season, from the first moment we felt comfortable and we have made up for his loss well.”

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