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La Liga president talks Xavi, Laporta, Messi, Negreira case, Barcelona finances: “The league is not adulterated”

La Liga president Javier Tebas sat down for an exclusive interview with Fabrizio Romano today, during which he discussed a range of topics related to Barcelona and Real Madrid.

One of the major talking points in La Liga of late has been the refereeing, with Barcelona and Real Madrid warring over match officials and the VAR system.

Barça have accused of Real Madrid pressuring referees through the videos on their official TV channel, with Joan Laporta and Xavi going as far as claiming that the league had become adulterated as a result.

Responding to those claims, Tebas said: “It isn’t. Neither Laporta nor Xavi think so. They say it about the matches. You read the Madrid and Barcelona newspapers and there are two completely different opinions on the same play.

“What is true is that the Negreira issue is the worst thing that has happened to Spanish football in recent years and has contributed to this tension. There is a lot of tension and that worries me, but the league is not adulterated.”

The talk then moved to Barcelona’s financial situation and whether they would be in a position to make signings in the summer. On the matter, Tebas remarked:

“Barça have homework to do and they know it. They have two Libero operations to cash in that they might not get paid and that could limit their summer signings. But I know that they are working on finding solutions.”

One of the biggest talking points last summer was the potential return of Lionel Messi to Barcelona after his contract with PSG had expired. While talks were held, the reunion did not end up materialising.

Discussing Messi’s failed return to La Liga, Tebas said: “I saw him close because of the affection and desire that Messi had. That leaves a lot of economic issues aside. It couldn’t happen and I’m not going into the reasons, although I don’t think the economic issue was the only one.”

Finally, Tebas also had his say on who should replace Xavi as Barcelona’s manager at the end of the season, saying: “Any of the best in the world. I would like them all to come. Klopp, Mourinho? All of them.”

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