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Marc-André ter Stegen will follow under the shadow of Manuel Neuer


The debate of who would have to occupy the goal of Germany has been one of the biggest in the last times. Manuel Neuer carries being indisputable from does more than a decade, without mattering the trainer, but Marc-André ter Stegen carries years asking step and showing that it can be decisive. In the FC Barcelona has showed not having rival, but in his selection the history has been very different and, if it wants , tétrica.

And it is that, from 2012, Ter Stegen has played only 38 parties with the Mannschaft and never in a big tournament. It was acting in the Eurocopa 2016 and the World-wide of 2018 and 2022. Everything seemed to indicate to that went to have opportunities in the tournament of this summer, but already Julian Nagelsmann has cleared that Manuel Neuer, to his 39 years, will be the one who was under the three sticks. The hit for Ter Stegen is tremendo.

Julian Nagelsmann closes the debate

The one of Mönchengladbach will be to title in this stop of selections, after the drop of Neuer by a break of muscular fibres, but in the Eurocopa will go back to the bench. The seleccionador has left it clear: “we Have taken the decision. Unfortunately, Manu has lesionado. It is only a break of muscular fibres, will not be of drop eight months. Also it treats to give some security to the players. It treats of players that go out of the bench, have to have some security and clarity”.

On the other hand, it has signalled that has conversed in this regard with the guardameta of the Barça: “I have said Him to Marc that I gladden me that we follow having a second goalkeeper of world-wide size. Always it can happen something. From the point of view of Marc, is well that have the opportunity, that was here. Manu has played a lot of parties followed. The muscular injuries occur sometimes. But the decision is taken, do not go to change it by a tear of muscular fibres that will finish in eight days”.

Ter Stegen, for the World-wide of 2026?

The wait for Ter Stegen in the goal will extend until the World-wide of 2026 that will celebrate in North America. It is 31 years old and, except grave injuries, will arrive in optimum conditions to said tournament. They are many the possibilities -by logical- that Manuel Neuer no longer was in the combined national… And that the guardameta have his first big opportunity under the three sticks of the Mannschaft.

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