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OFFICIAL! Jude Bellingham will miss two games due to his expulsion at Mestalla


Jude Bellingham will not be able to play the next two parties of the Real Madrid by the red that saw after Valencia-Real Madrid. Jesús Gil Manzano expelled to the English for heading to he in aggressive attitude without arriving to abuse him. In the record, the referee expressed it like this: “In the minute 99 the player (5) Bellingham, Jude Victor William was expelled by the following reason: After the ending of the party and still in the terrain of game, directed to me running in aggressive attitude and to cries, repeating in several occasions: “it’s to fucking goal”.

This was sufficient so that the extremeño decided to show him the red and also has been sufficient so that the Committee of Competition have imposed him a sanction of two meetings by the article 124 of the disciplinary code, that prays the following: “head to the referees with attitude of despise or desconsideración, whenever it do not consider a graver fault, will be sanctioned with two or three parties or until a maximum of a month”. In this case, to the have not abused to the referee, has opted by the less hard sanction.

It fits to stand out that in the Committee have done ‘deaf hearings’ to the allegations of the Real Madrid, that tried that they removed him the red when considering that it was not sufficient to expel him. By against, the organ discipliario of the RFEF has decided that the images do not test that the record of Gil Manzano was not real, by what in these cases never does at all. “The repeated viewing of the images has not allowed to this Committee conclude, further of all doubt, that the action that motivated the expulsion did not produce as it described it the referee and, in definite, test the self-evident material error in the relate referee’s. The tone and the attitude of the player and the number of times that repeats the sentence results determinant to contextualise the action and the effect of the concrete words pronounced by the player, further of his literal translation”, indicated from Competition.

The Madrid will resort the sanction to Appeal

Now, in the group madridista will resort to Appeal to avoid that Bellingham lose the parties against the Celtic of Vigo this next Sunday in Santiago Bernabéu, and against Osasuna in Pamplona on 16 March. It will not be simple that the whites go out with his, by what the normal would be that the midfield player finish seeing both meetings from the terracing and that Carlo Ancelotti have to them to him fix without him.

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