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Oscure to join the League of Legends team

FC Barcelona and Víctor “Oscure” Guzmán have reached an agreement for the addition of the player, after the support spent the last season as a free agent. The player will sign until November 2024 and will start the preseason with his new teammates with the aim of improving the results of the spring split.

Twenty-four-year-old Oscure arrives after a Split away from Summoner’s Rift to continue his university studies. In his track record we find two sub-championships with BISONS ECLUB, with whom he reached the final of the Spring Split of 2022 and the final of the Summer Split of 2023, which he played at the Palau Blaugrana with Legolas as ADC.

The Barça eSports roster for the Summer Split will be:

Top: Whiteknight

Jungle: Thayger

Mid: Sajator

ADC: Legolas

Support: Oscure

Mid (Sub): Pauporter

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