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Puma offers almost 50 million more than Nike to ‘keep’ the FC Barcelona shirt


The previous week explained in FCBN that the managerial board of Joan Laporta in the FC Barcelona follows without deciding if the T-shirt of the next season will do it Nike, Cougar or will be of own mark. It spoke of this in the meeting of the commission delegated, but is not foreseen that there is a decision still, although the German company himself that is presionando strongly with the figures that puts on the table so that the Barcelona club take a historical decision.

And it is that beside this posture of the Barça to break the agreement that has the club with Nike until 30 June of the 2026, expandable by two years more, are the 120 million euros by season more a premium of some one hundred millions that Cougar has decided to keep like main offer to try ‘remain’ with the Barcelona T-shirt. Especially because the difference between the offer that has presented the German company and what right now offers Nike is enormous.

The Barça does not have intention to follow perceiving less money of the that offers the market

‘Sportive world’ has aimed this Friday that in the Catalan entity ensure that the Barça wins now 66 millions in return that Nike was his technical sponsor, a figure that has gone diminishing with the step of the years in front of the fault of titles of the Barça, a point that considered in the agreement regarding variables. In the meantime, the offer of Cougar ensures the 100 ‘kilos’ by season, adding 20 in bonus by sale of T-shirts and with a very important factor: the 100 additional millions alone for signing.

This quantity would allow him to the Barça can face one more than possible penalty for breaking the agreement with Nike, company that besides right now already has prepared the equipaciones of the next season, something that is used to to do by subjects of calendar and distribution. However, from the Barcelona entity ensures that already there are official warnings from the past month of June of 2023 in which it warned him to the North American signature that it did not do fault that manufacturasen the equipaciones, like warning that they did not want to continue with the relation, aims the information.

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