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Ranking the 5 best players who played for Real Madrid and Barcelona

2. Michael Laudrup

Both sets of fans can look at Michael Laudrup as a phenomenal player. He won a La Liga title at both Barcelona and Real Madrid. It takes a lot to go down as a club legend at both Spanish clubs (as represented by Figo), but Laudrup fulfilled that quota. 

Most of Laudrup’s success came with Barcelona but it was a falling out with the legend of the game, Johan Cruyff, which inspired his move to Real Madrid. He didn’t spend much time with Real Madrid, only two seasons, but he is regarded as one of the best players the club has ever seen. 

Michael Laudrup, the five-time La Liga champion, is well-respected at every club he’s been at. This is becuase he inspired every player he ever played with to success, which rubbed off on the fans. A true legend of the game. 

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