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Second defeat in Europe at the Palau

It wasn’t to be as Barça lost 34-37 to Montpellier at the Palau Blaugrana and were unable to seal top spot in Champions League Group B. The blaugranes go through to the quarterfinals as second in the group.

Control in the first half

Carlos Ortega’s side wanted to set the tempo from the off, Dika Mem opening the scoring, and Richardson and Aleix Gómez opening up a two goal lead before the fifth minute.

The blaugranes remained in control for another 10 minutes, including Dika Mem geting the Palau crowd off their feet with a long distance shot. However, Montpellier grew into the game and had the home side against the ropes for a period, finishing two great counterattacks after regaining possession.

The game was in flux and each side hit the woodwork, but then Barça regained control and retook the lead, Cikusa assisting Wanne superbly to make it 19-17. Halftime score 19-18.

Defeat confirmed

Barça couldn’t continue their first half impetus after the break, with Hugo Bryan Monte scoring a great goal to inspire Montpellier. The Palau Blaugrana was roaring on Carlos Ortega’s side, who remained in the game to the end. However, it wasn’t to be and the blaugranes fell to their second European defeat of the season at the Palau (34-37).

Despite the loss, Barça still go through to the Champions League quarterfinals in second place behind Magdeburg. Next up, another game at the Palau, with Ángel Ximénez Puente Genil the visitors (12.00pm CET).


Barça 34.
Montpellier 37.

Barça: Emil Nielsen (4), Blaz Janc (1), Hampus Wanne (4), Dika Mem (9), Jonathan Carlsbogard (1), Melvyn Richardson (2), Luis Frade (3) – starting seven – Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (5), Pol Valera (-), Aleix Gómez (8), Aitor Ariño (0), Petar Cikusa (2), Timothey N’Guessan (4), Thiagus Petrus (0), Haniel Langaro (-), Javier Rodríguez (0).

Montpellier: Remi Desbonnet (2), Jaime Fernández (6), Karl Konan (2), Hugo Bryan Monte (10), Valentin Porte (4), Yanis Lenne (7), Veron Nacinovic (3) – starting seven – Charles Bolzinger (5), Sebastian Karlsson (0), Marko Panic (0), Arthur Lenne (0), Stas Skube (4), Kylian Prat (1), Mathieu Cornette (0), Lucas Guigon (0), Alexis Berthier (0).

Partial scores: 5-3 / 7-5 / 11-10 / 14-14 / 16-17 / 19-18 / halftime / 23-21 / 24-23 / 25-27 / 28-29 / 29-32 / 34-37.

Referees: Amar Konjicanin and Dino Konjicanin.

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