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The Barça leaves half League in front of the Villarreal after wasting a big traced back (3-3)

Dramatic night for a FC Barcelona that sinks in LaLiga and that needs of several miracles to add to the career by the domestic championship. It has fit a ‘manita’ in a party in which it did not deserve it, but in which it neither had resources to answer to a Villarreal that took advantage of of the wail of the Barcelona to heave with his first victory of the 2024. The ones of Xavi Hernández or react or will remain in white in this season.

If there is something that remains clear is that there is not day in which the Barça do not suffer. It does not matter the stage, rival neither competition: The team has gone in in a loop in which the only form to face the parties is as if they were ‘final’, something that is weighing them more than the account because, to day of today, the pressure is greater that the ‘strengths’ to compete. And each weekend repeats the history. Against the Villarreal, that has had a dynamic paupérrima in what it goes of League -and that did not know what was to win in 2024-, gave him ‘wings’ and finish giving them the first joy of the year.

The Barça no ‘appeared’ in the first part

Once again, the inability of the Barcelona to transform his superiority or command in ‘hits’ to the rival happened bill in the first-half. The balloon was blaugrana, entirely, but the important occasions were of the visitors. Lamine Yamal was the only that tried to increase the rhythm and desestabilizar and of a his pass was born the clearest occasion, with a finish of Joao Félix from out of the area that diverted Jorgensen, whereas the Villarreal, in two arrivals, ‘punished’ to the Barça without despeinarse.

And it is that the history in the first 45′ could be worse for the Barça. Munuera Montero and the VAR had to take part to cancel a goal after one of the played more ‘rare’ and that hardly generate concenso: Gerard Moreno had nailed the balloon in the deepest of the network, but the goal did not go up to the marker while it reviewed a possible fault of Baena to Koundé or an offside of Sorloth, that did not take part in the played. In direct, did not understand the reason, but in the repetition cleared the position irreglamentaria of the Norwegian.

It was a second life for the Catalans, but no ‘learnt’. After a very good played of the ones of Marcelino that finish with a clear of the blaugrana to the band, Sorloth commanded a centre raso to the arrival of Gerard Moreno that, at first, did not forgive the passivity of a Barça that went back to fail in the marks inside the area. Xavi Hernández had to take part so that the history changed of face to the second part, with triple change in the rest.

Rain of goals in the second half in Lluís Compannys

Cubarsí, Cancel and Pedri went in for the resumption and the Barça, by obligation in front of Lluís Compannys that there was pitado to the players before the rest, stepped forward to look for the tie. Lamine, that continued being the player more electrizante of the culés (with a lot of difference, in spite of his 16 years), commanded a centre poisoned that it did not find to anybody in the area and afterwards commanded a cabeazo was, to pass of Cancel, the one who instants afterwards dressed of villain for what went the goal of Ilias Akhomach, that did to cost the law of the ex.

The Portuguese erró in the clear of a balloon and remained him to the born in Els Hostalets of Pierola, that encaró to Iñaki Crag entirely only, him dribló and commanded the spherical to the deepest of the network to put the 0-2 and force to the Barcelona to react (this time yes). The Barça increased a course and launched to the attack without objection, assuming risks, and to the first of changes, Lewandowski left him the balloon to Gündogan so that it commanded a potentísimo finish to the stick and recortar distances.

Dramatic defeat for the Barça

By conviction and insistence, the Barcelona did not abandon the terrain of the ‘yellow submarine’ and forced them to remain in own field. Pedri Was the attendant to put the tables after collecting a balloon in the area and command a finish raso that happened between several players of the Villarreal and that finish colándose in the goal of Jorgensen. They put of full to the ‘fight’ by the party for no desligarse entirely of the career by LaLiga, but with suspense. Gündogan Took out a fault and, in an attempt to clear the finish of Araujo, Bailly commanded the balloon to his own door to consummate a new traced back, this time in eleven minutes.

The Barça had arguments and finish deserving the victory, because they pushed with a lot of strength, but is the history of never finish and always suffer. To fault of six minutes for the end and when it seemed that the Catalans had the victory in the pocket, arrived the tie of the ones of Marcelino, in an unfit defensive that finish with a potentísimo finish of Guedes, that did not have mercy to concretise the tie… Before the disaster of the last minutes in which Sorloth and Morals signed the ‘manita’ to a Barça that remains to years light of the leadership suspender belt.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 3-5 Villarreal Cf

  • FC Barcelona: Iñaki Crag; Koundé, Araujo, Christensen (min. 45, Cubarsí), Fort (min. 45, Cancel); Frenkie of Jong, Romeu (min. 45, Pedri), Gündogan; Lamine, Lewandowski and Joao Félix.
  • Villarreal: Jorgensen; Kiko Femenía, Eric Bailly, Jorge Cuenca, To. Moreno; Ilias, Santi Comesaña, Francis Coquelin, Álex Baena;,Gerard Moreno and Álex Sorloth.
  • Referee: Munuera Montero
  • Incidences: corresponding Party to the day 22 of LaLiga EA SPORTS 2023/2024
  • Goals of the party: 0-1, Gerard Moreno (min. 41); 0-2, Ilias Akhomach (min. 54); 1-2, Gündogan (min. 60); 2-2, Pedri (min. 68); 3-2, Ronald Araújo (min. 71); 3-3, Guedes (min. 84); 3-4, Sorloth (min. 90+9); 3-5, Moral (min. 90+12)

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