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The Barça, very attentive to the enésimo ‘wrap’ between Kimmich and Tuchel in the Bayern


The Bayern lives of wrap in wrap in the Bundesliga and the possibility to win the title sees increasingly difficult. With a party more, have remained to seven points of the Bayer Leverkusen and the feeling is that the team is not able to give this jump ‘extra’ not to sink in the career. This weekend were not able to happen of the tie in his visit to the Friburgo (2-2) and added his third ‘prick’ in the last five parties of the German championship.

Thomas Tuchel, that has confirmed that will abandon the Allianz Sand when it finish the present season, is more distinguished that never and his ‘taut’ relation with the changing room leaves it in a much more complicated position. With Joshua Kimmich the history is becoming dramatic and go out ‘sparks’ between both each week. In the Euopa-Park Stadion bet by him like titling in the right side, a position that is not new for him, and finished him substituting happened the hour of party (64′).

Tuchel Goes back to ‘signal’ to Kimmich

The ex of Chelsea had changed the role of Kimmich so that they coincided in the centre of the field Goretzka and Plavovic. The bet was not desacertada, because Kimmich is ‘accustomed’ to play by the band and left good interventions going up to the attack and ‘helping’ to the numerical superiority of the Bavarians, but finish being substituted when the marker was 1-1 and with everything for deciding .

It is the second consecutive party in which it positions him in the right band (against the RB Leipzig also played there), but ‘subtract’ all the virtues that can offer when it is headed by the room of machines. Besides, it has been a constant that in this season was substituted, something that was unthinkable when Julian Nagelsemann was in the bench muniqués. It has gone out before the 70′ in three of his last six presentations.

The arça follows attentive

It is not a secret for anybody that the FC Barcelona remains very attentive to what can happen with Kimmich in the Bayern. It is confirmed that Thomas Tuchel will abandon the bench in what it finish the season, but is an incóginta what can decide the international with Germany, the one who has on the table the option to renew his agreement further of 30 June 2025 or change of airs this summer. If there are options with the Fair Play financial, the culés would have it in his diary.

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