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The key positions that Barça wants to reinforce for the summer transfer market


The FC Barcelona, in spite of the exposed recently by Joan Laporta in his interview to ‘Sportive World’, where cleared that the Barcelona picture would not do big incorporations in the next market estival, has clear that needs to have a staff balanced and with depth to face a season in which, in addition to having a lot of commitments by distinct competitions, it is necessary to foresee possible injuries along the course. Therefore, it would need at least have two players in each position in the terrain of game.

Under this premise, is not surprising that the combined culé was considering to do some incorporations to strengthen a payroll that, although it is very very made, lacks some players in some positions to face the campaign 2024-25. For example, in the defensive line, although the Barcelonan square has a remarkable quantity of defenders, arriving to five, and potentially eight in summer with the return of Clément Lenglet, Eric García and Chadi Riad, does not have sufficient active that can exert like sides.

Reinforce the left side and right

This has evidenciado in this period because of the constant changes of players in the sides of the Barcelona cast, especially in the left-handed side, where the injuries of Alejandro Balde and Marcos Alonso have carried to that Joao Cancel and Héctor Fort, two of course right-handed players, have had to play by the left band. This, obviously, also has affected the options in the right side, where the club neither has sufficient natural alternatives.

Taking into account this situation, would not be descabellado that the FC Barcelona consider to reinforce his bands. In the first place, trying retain of some form to Joao Cancel so that it was the headline in the right side, and later, incorporating to two good players like Julián Araujo, the one who could be the acting of the Portuguese and offer a healthy competition by the place, and Álex Fence in, the one who would exert a similar paper in the left side, since it foresees that Alejandro Balde recover and was the absolute headline in the left-handed side, but would not have a natural replacement because of the apparently imminent exit of Marcos Alonso in June, when it finalise his agreement with the Catalan picture.

The area of mediocentro defensive

Following the line of the positions to reinforce, can not overlook the problem that has been the zone of mediocentros for the FC Barcelona in this period. At present, although Andreas Christensen has exerted a remarkable paper like pivote, does evident the fault of a player that occupy of course this position, so much to contribute defensive solidity to the team and a good exit of balloon, as to allow that players as Of Jong or Gündogan have more offensive participation. They are used to to assume a greater work of sacrifice to help in the defence because of his previous experience like mediocentros in different stages of his careers.

In front of this situation, the club has considered several options, being apparently the most attractive the one of Amadou Onana, pivote that the Everton has valued in 60 M€. The Barça would be looking for forms to reduce his cost. Besides, it mentions the option ilusionante, but increasingly complicated of fichar to Joshua Kimmich, to the one who apparently the Bayern Munich is had to sell, but whose price could result prohibitivo and that also is of interest for other clubs of elite that yes could allow this outlay, what does that this option see increasingly far.

Of course, we can not forget the option of Aleix García, the one who has expressed his wish to play in the picture culé. However, his clause of rescission of 20 million euros would suppose an investment that the Barcelona will have to evaluate if it is in conditions to make.

Add a left extreme

Finally, to the combined of the City Condal remains him for reinforcing a so important position like the one of left extreme. The group culé can breathe calm regarding the position of leading centre, since in addition to having Robert Lewandowski, has to Vitor Roque and Marc Guiu, two youngsters ‘perlas’ developing. The same occurs in the right side, where the promising Lamine Yamal has ensured his place, and also exists the option to have Raphinha in this area if it is not sold.

Nevertheless, the left side seems more unprotected, since although Ferran Torres could play in this position, there is not another player to bend this demarcation. It is necessary to remember that Joãor Félix is yielded by the Athletic of Madrid and the negotiations do not seem to be simple. Although the Portuguese seems to have the disposal to continue in the club and the Barcelonan square wishes to retain it, still have to confront the negotiations with the ‘colchoneros’.

Another option that the FC Barcelona could consider is to accept the return of Ansu Fati, the one who can exert perfectly in the left extreme. However, according to recent informations, in this point of the season the most feasible option seem to be yield it by another year more so that it can recover entirely his level, as long as the injuries respect him. The one of Bissau has the potential to turn into a player of elite and be an active very interesting for the Barça, team that expects to recover to the Ansu Fati that thrilled to the Barcelona fans with a truly stellar football.

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