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The leaf of route stipulated by the FC Barcelona to culminate the new Camp Nou


The FC Barcelona, from June of 2023, sand shipped in an ambitious project of renewal of his usual feudo, the Spotify Camp Nou, with the aim to enter a series of improvements in different appearances that, beyond all doubt, will position it like one of the most attractive stadiums of Europe and the world. In front of this, the culés assumed that they would have to face a necessary ‘exile’ in the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, at least during this course 2023-24, while the works continue on its course.

The terms that handles the FC Barcelona for the works in the Camp Nou

In principle, everything seems to aim to that the cast culé will be able to go back to his remodelled enclosure from November of 2024, coinciding with the month of the 125 anniversary of the club. However, it has given to know that this turn will be with a capacity limited of 65.000 viewers, since only it will have completed the reform in the first and second amphitheatre.

It is necessary to remember that after this return, projects the construction of the third and definite ring, that will increase the capacity to more than 100.000 people. These improvements stipulates that they finish in the summer of 2026, at least regarding the Spotify Camp Nou. Regarding the Espai Barça, whose works could extend until 2028 as it informed in ‘SPORT’, still will remain slopes several works.

For the moment, the Turkish constructor Limak, attendant of this important work, has showed a remarkable capacity of work when advancing the own calendar stipulated for the realisation of these works, attaining even overthrow the structure of the third amphitheatre with a month of antelación. Equally, already they have begun the first subterranean works allocated to the installation of the changing rooms, the room of press and the future shop that will inaugurate in the first semester of 2025.

The others pending installations to build in the Espai Barça

Regarding other installations related with the Espai Barça, it will be necessary to expect a bit more. The new design of the Palau Blaugrana, with capacity for 15.000 squares, will not begin until the second quarter of 2025, because of the fault of permission of construction. Added to this, the track of ice probably will not be list for his inauguration until finals of 2027.

On the other hand, it is foreseen that the streets and the campus of the Espai Barça are entirely finished in the first quarter of 2028. Also it will add a station of buses in this contiguous zone to the Palau. All these agreements carried out with the City council of Barcelona during the negotiation of the Modification of the Metropolitan General Plan.

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