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The scenarios that Barça faces for its classification to the Club World Cup


The FC Barcelona wants to be one of the 32 squares that will be in the first edition of the new World-wide of Clubs of the FIFA, which will contest from 15 June until 13 July of the 2025 in United States. Nevertheless, the task to classify to this contest does not seem to be the simplest of all, since this depends fundamentally of two stages: a very good performance of the Barcelona club in the phases that subtract of the UEFA Champions League and that this, to his time, combine with an evil exert of the Athletic of Madrid.

It is necessary to remember that the FIFA handles two criteria of classification for this tournament. The first of them takes in account to the combined that they have topped champions of the Champions League from the season 2020-2021 until the 2023-2024. Under this premise, to this competition already classified Chelsea FC (2021), the Real Madrid (2022) and the Manchester City (2023), waiting for a fourth cast that will go out of the team that raise the ‘Orejona’ in this course.

The another road of classification goes through the coefficient UEFA. Lo and behold where roots the main problem of the FC Barcelona to be able to contest the World-wide of Clubs 2025. Why? Simple, in this list the Barcelona picture is surpassed by the ‘colchoneros’ by a total of seven units (62 to 55), what would do him possessor of the last available contingent for Spanish clubs in this competition, remembering that only they award two squares by country and one of these already is in being able to of the group merengue.

The crossing in front of the Napoli in Champions will be key for the FC Barcelona

It is here where earns special importance the commitment of eighth of final in front of the Napoli and, of course, all the duels that attain to add if it attains to trascend further of this phase. A priori, the crosses in front of the ‘Partenopeos’ have an economic appeal for the club, since surpass this phase would suppose 10,6 M€ of bonus and another collection more in the Montjuïc. These questions would allow to fulfil the section of the budget of the institution concerning the Glass of Europe and also would serve so that the Barcelonan square follow adding units in the coefficient UEFA.

Besides, when adding two victories, the FC Barcelona could add at most a total of five points more. This assuming the utopian stage in which the Barça can impose to the Italians so much in the meeting of gone as in the one of turn, which would suppose two points by each victory and one more for trascending of phase. However, to the Catalan picture would not suffice him with winning both clashes to his rival, but it also would have to expect that the Athletic of Madrid no rasque any point in his series, that is to say, that the Inter of Milan can win him in both duels and delete them of the competition.

Nevertheless, this stage would follow without being sufficient, since the difference of points would become of 60 to 62, still desfavorable for the combined of the City Condal. In front of this, the group of the Catalan capital would have to add at least two units more to equalise to the ‘rojiblancos’. In this case, the Barcelonan square would be happening to the World-wide of Clubs, since it would have added more points in the present edition of the Champions League, being this one of the criteria of tiebreaker according to the stipulated in the rule of coefficients UEFA that the FIFA approved in the meeting of his Council on 17 December celebrated in Jeddah.

And if the Athletic adds a positive result in front of the Inter?

Equally, it does not be necessary obviar the possibility that the Athletic of Madrid can add a victory or a tie in front of the ‘nerazzurri’ and even trascend to the next phase, what would put to the FC Barcelona in a much more complicated situation. This would force to the picture culé to turn into the champion of the competition, which would give him the direct ticket to the World-wide of Clubs, or in his defect, attain the best possible result in the quarter-finals and reach the semifinals of the tournament. These are stages that are not impossible to reach, but that obviously represent a greater degree of difficulty.

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