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The Series To and the Bundesliga leave to LaLiga and the Premier without the extra square in the Champions


The format of the Champions League has changed, what brings achieve the inclusion of 36 teams in the phase of groups. With this modification, contested two additional squares for the leagues that occupied the two first places of the index UEFA. The first place already had obtained it Italy, by what the Series To will have a team more in the next tournament. Now, Germany has ensured the second place for the Bundesliga.

All this thanks to the victory of the past Wednesday of the Borussia Dortmund on Paris Saint-Germain (1-0). With this result, the Germans surpassed to the two contendientes that still are at stake: the English teams and French. Curiously, the ‘Die Schwarzgelben’ are ensuring his own classification for the next edition of the most prestigious tournament to level of clubs in Europe, since they occupy the fifth place in the Bundesliga.

These two leagues (Italian and German) were recompensadas with a fifth square in the League of Champions by the points of European performance, that are awarded to the two competitions with the best performance average in the European tournaments of the present season. All this with the aim to expand the tournament to a competition of 36 teams.

LaLiga, far to achieve the contingent

In the third place appears England with the Premier League. His representatives were deleted in the quarter-finals: Manchester City, Arsenal in Champions and West Ham in Europe League. In the chamber is France, that still keeps alive the PSG and the Marseilles. Whereas further back it shows Spain with LaLiga, that only remains with a representative: the Real Madrid, since in the previous phase the Barça and the Athletic of Madrid cayerón deleted, by what is impossible to surpass to the other leagues and remain with this fifth square.

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