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Three scenarios wherein Barcelona could sack Xavi before the end of the season – report

As one of Barcelona’s greatest-ever players, Xavier Hernandez rightly has the backing of the board and fans on his attempt at salvaging the club’s future as a manager.

There is no doubt that the team has shown tangible improvement under his tutelage, yet, results in recent months have not gone his way.

Xavi is now closer than ever to the exit door at Barcelona though the topic of his dismissal is not openly talked about.

He is still treading the rope of sympathy, but one knows that he does not have long remaining if he cannot turn around Barcelona’s recent slump in form.

The three scenarios

Under normal circumstances, Joan Laporta has the manager’s back and will support him until the end of the season. As revealed by Javi Miguel, Xavi will indeed stay until the end of the season unless one of three scenarios plays out.

The first condition where the manager could face the axe mid-season is if his team face an early elimination in the Copa del Rey.

The definition of ‘early’ can be debated extensively, but one would expect anything short of a spot in the final to be underwhelming for a club of Barcelona’s stature.

Two or three further negative results in La Liga in the coming month encompass the second such condition. Barcelona are already trailing Real Madrid and Girona by a sizeable gap and a few more defeats could put even their place in the UCL spots at risk.

Finally, Xavi could be sacked early if the Catalans are eliminated by Napoli in the Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. The Italians are in a state of jeopardy themselves, and losing to the out-of-form Naples-based side is seen as unforgivable by the board.

Xavi’s stance

The manager is at the club of his life. His commitment to the badge and love for the club cannot be questioned given his history with the team and the dedication he puts into his current job as well.

Yet, his philosophy not clicking with the current core would undeniably lead to both parties parting ways.

The Spanish journalist adds that if Xavi faces the axe before the end of the season, he will leave for free and will give up all of his salary for the remainder of his contract.

After all, it was never about the money for Xavi who took the job only to help the club in a time of crisis. One hopes such a situation does not arise, but Xavi’s intention in itself speaks volumes about his sheer love for the club.

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