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Video summary, goal and better played of the party of LaLiga EA SPORTS


The FC Barcelona keeps the good ‘series’ in the return of the stop of selections. They have added a key triumph and a new goal to zero for presionar to the Real Madrid in the highest of the classification. They have finished ‘suffering’ more than the account against The Palms, that played with ten players by more than 70 minutes, but the goal of Raphinha has saved the history for the Barcelona.

The ones of Xavi Hernández have not showed his more brilliant version, but have taken out a victory that can be key in the final stretch of LaLiga EA SPORTS and that serves them of ‘test’ for the visit to the Paris Saint-Germain in the Park of the Princes in eleven days. The Barça fulfils and assumes the challenge to litigate to the end,

To continuation, review the video summary more complete of the triumph of the FC Barcelona in front of The Palms (1-0) in the corresponding party to the day 30 of LaLiga EA SPORTS 2023/2024:

Goals of the Barça-The Palms

  • 1-0, Raphinha (min. 59): After signing occasions of all the ‘colours’ and see how cancelled him a goal in the first-half, after review of the VAR, Raphinha had his revenge in the second half: it Received a big pass hammered of Joao Félix that it served him to connect a potentísimo head butt that coló in the goal of Aarón without possible dispute.

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