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Will Barcelona and Real Madrid receive €1 billion from Super League competition?

Real Madrid and Barcelona are making it clear that the Super League is not dead right after the European Tribunal ruled in favor of it. Real Madrid President Florentino Perez stated that the teams cannot leave the Super League project without repercussions on other occasions. This means that teams might be subject to penalties.

According to Diario Sport of Barcelona and Palco 23, the founding teams of the Super League signed a contract that makes them liable to a fine of 300 million euros per team if they leave the project for any reason. The damages to be paid to Real Madrid and Barcelona stand at one billion euros each.

But can Real Madrid and Barcelona really be paid one billion euros each?

According to Sport, the claim to receive this money is a bit unclear because it will come from a potential 15 billion euro investment that will continue to go on as investors push ahead. There is also the money that teams who pulled out of the competition stand to pay, which some reports say is 300 million euros per team.

The question is whether teams will pay the fines that might be imposed or fight this in court, which could be another lengthy battle for Real Madrid and Barcelona. In addition, nothing assures either team that the investor will follow through on their promise to put money into the project.

For the moment, UEFA and FIFA suffered a loss after the European ruling. One thing to keep in mind is that the ruling doesn’t mean that the Super League is approved by European competition; it just states that the governing bodies have no right to hold a monopoly on which competitions can be formed when it comes to football.

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