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Barcelona closely tracking Arsenal midfielder as low cost option for the summer

It is no secret that Barcelona are in dire need of signing a solid pivot. Their bet on a certain Oriol Romeu hasn’t panned out as hoped, and with financial constraints looming, it is unlikely they will splash out on this position.

With this predicament in mind, Barcelona are once again turning their attention to the free agents’ pool, and Arsenal’s Jorginho has caught their eye as a promising option.

Jorginho, the Italian international, is set to become a free agent as his contract with Arsenal concludes at the season’s end.

With no ongoing contract negotiations with the Gunners, Barcelona see a glimmer of hope in potentially securing his services.

A move to Catalonia is on the cards

According to a report from SPORT, Jorginho’s patience with the London team is wearing thin.

Since Arsenal have not initiated contract talks, his agent is suggesting that the midfielder might as well evaluate new proposals for the next season.

It is to be noted that Jorginho isn’t a stranger to Barcelona as the club has been in touch with his agent, Joao Santos, for several seasons now. 

Jorginho will be a free agent in the summer. (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

They even had meetings, including one with Mateu Alemany, to discuss the possibility of Jorginho joining Barcelona, however, these discussions did not lead to any deal at that time.

Recently, Santos gave an interview to bring up the topic of his client’s future once again, saying, 

“We will speak to Arsenal about the expiry of his contract in June. For now, it is our priority. Arsenal have a fantastic group and we will see if they need him for next season.”

Jorginho would love to play for Barcelona

Santos has repeatedly expressed Jorginho’s eagerness to join the Spanish League, particularly Barcelona. 

The question now hinges on Arsenal’s future plans and whether Deco and his team can secure a top-tier player for the pivot position or if they will opt for a more experienced and cost-effective option in the market, akin to someone like Jorginho.

For now, as stated by Santos, Jorginho’s priority is to play for Arsenal, but if nothing materialises, Barcelona can take advantage.

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