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Bayern’s terrible moment could ‘help’ Barça with the signing of Kimmich


The Bayern Munich has experienced a sportive situation complicated from the past campaign. To be a full square of certainties and with a rhythm and operation avasalladores, has become a full group of doubts so much in his performance as in the election of players. This is evident in the fact that, in this period 23-24, already have been deleted of the DFB Pokal after a surprising defeat by 2-1 in front of the Saarbrücken, a cast of the Third Division of Germany. This meant his second consecutive elimination in this contest, remembering that the past season were deleted in quarter-finals by the SC Friburgo.

Besides, the past Saturday, the Bayer Leverkusen was his ‘hangman’ in the Bundesliga with a conclusive 3-0. With this result, the picture of Xabi Alonso strengthened in the leadership of the league, with 55 points after 21 days contested, surpassing to the ‘Die Roten’ by five points. This does to think that, although it is not impossible, will be difficult revertir this advantage, considering the impressive rhythm that has showed the ‘Die Werkself’. In front of this, exists the possibility that the Bavarian club also remain without the local title, distinction that attained the past campaign won by a minimum difference and without standing out a lot.

In this context, the Champions League seem to be the aim more alcanzable for the Bayern. They have attained to classify for the eighth of final and will confront to the Lazio next Wednesday 14 February. Nevertheless, this sportive moment complicated could generate some disillusionment in some players that could consider change of course if there is not a remarkable improvement in the sportive project for the next season.

It will consider Kimmich go out prompt of the Bayern?

In this sense, one of the players that could abandon the team is Joshua Kimmich. The native of Rottweil, that is one of the symbols of the club and has been in him from the year 2015, has contested up to now 371 meetings, converting a total of 41 annotations and giving 100 passes to goal assistances. He has experienced glorious periods in the club that differ notably of the current situation in Baviera.

In addition to this small sportive pothole that crosses the Bayern Munich, has rumoreado in more than an occasion that the relation between Thomas Tuchel, the current trainer of the ‘Die Roten’, and Kimmich is not the best. They have had you brush in several occasions. If to this adds him the fact that the polyvalent player apparently has not showed interest in renewing his agreement with the Bavarian team, that finalises in 2025, could cause a denouement that move it away of Germany.

The options of the Barça to incorporate to Kimmich

In this sense, open two possibilities. If Kimmich decides not renewing, could opt for fulfilling the rest of his agreement in Baviera and go out free in 2025. This would be an interesting option for the FC Barcelona, that could try ficharlo without paying traspaso. Nevertheless, if the patience of the German midfield player exhausts and requests his traspaso in the next market of summer, the Bayern could consider sell it to obtain an economic profit. This would be a more complicated option for the club culé, since although would have more opportunities to convince him to join to the Barcelona project, idea that does not seem to dislike him, would have to compete with teams like the Manchester City and the PSG by a traspaso that does not seem to be cheap.


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