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Cancelo talks Barcelona dream, Xavi, Yamal, Cubarsi, and Bayern Munich

Of the two Joaos who arrived in Catalonia last summer, it is safe to say that Cancelo has been the most impressive.

The player on loan from Manchester City began the season as the team’s bonafide right-back but has been forced to shift to the left in light of injuries. Irrespective of his position, Cancelo’s output has been top-notch.

In 24 league appearances so far, the 29-year-old has scored two goals and provided three assists for Barcelona and has lived up to the expectations that was placed on his shoulders. All signs point to his transfer being made permanent in the summer.

Speaking to the media in a recent interview, the Barcelona full-back commented on his future, his love for the club and Barcelona’s young talents amongst other topics.

His interview began with a rather queer question, for the defender was asked if playing at Barcelona was toxic and difficult from a player’s perspective.

“I have a very strong mentality, especially since on a personal level I went through many things and always positively looked at life. I went through worse times in my personal life compared to my sports life,” he began, explaining how he was unperturbed by talks in the media.

“Pressure affects some people more than others, but it does not affect me much because I created a barrier from the moment. Where I lost my mother, that’s when I had to grow up much faster to be more mature, to be the leader of my family,” he added.

“Not everyone is like this, Barcelona is a difficult team but it is the club I enjoy the most in my career, and I always wanted to be here,” Cancelo concluded.

Staying on the topic of his love for Barcelona, the Portuguese defender reiterated that playing for the Catalans was his lifelong dream.

“I always wanted to be here, Barcelona is the club I enjoyed the most in my career.”

On Xavi, and the Barcelona youngsters

Barcelona’s performances has been a significant improvement after Xavi announced his resignation at the end of the season. Cancelo insisted that the resurgence had nothing to do with a feeling of liberation, saying,

“No, not like that. When he was not at his best economically and technically, this is something that deserves praise. As a player, I appreciated him very much and I am happy to have him as my coach.”

“I appreciate him more. Xavi sacrificed himself so that the team could be more comfortable,” he added on the coach’s greatness.

The on-loan star was then asked to provide his two cents on Barcelona’s breakthrough talents and whether he saw them as ready for the big stage.

“I feel that Barcelona is a very difficult team to play for mentally. The fans are very demanding because of the previous teams they had, that’s why there is a lot of demand and it’s good for them.”

“Lamine, Cubarsi, Fermin, Marc Guiu, Fort are the players who are training. They have been with us since the beginning of the season and they are more than prepared to face these challenges,” he added.

On his Bayern Munich loan stint last season

Speaking about how his move to Barcelona last summer was only the latest of a long list of failed attempts, Cancelo said,

“After last season, in which I was loaned to Bayern, I finally came to Barcelona and reduced my salary. I am not bothered by that at all. This was the third time I had been close to Barcelona and I finally arrived here.”

Finally, the Manchester City player commented on his ongoing season and where he ranked it amongst his best.

“People look at statistics and I think I had better times at City, but I don’t look at that because I enjoy the game. But yes, I have had a very positive season, even though we are not in the position we wanted to be in.”

“We left the Copa del Rey and lost the Super Cup, and in the league, we are 8 points behind Real Madrid, but we are in the Champions League quarter-finals, a round that the club has not reached in four years,” he added on the team’s position.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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