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Joao Cancel gives the face by Xavi and insists in that his future is in the FC Barcelona

When it finish the stop of selections, the FC Barcelona will go in in a decisive phase of the season in which it will be at stake the option to win a title. The culés face this stretch with maximum pressure, but with the idea that they can arrive so far as they want to. Joao Cancel, in a recent interview to ‘To Ball’, has pronounced in this regard highlighting the ‘courage’ of Xavi Hernández in announcing his resignation to free of the pressure to the staff.

With LaLiga and Champions League of by half, with the eliminatory in front of the Paris Saint-Germain, stood out that “in the League of Champions all the teams are strong. The PSG is a team that has big players and a big trainer to the that appreciate a lot. It will be a very difficult party, but will try it. We are the Barcelona and will try to do our game and try win”.

In this same order of ideas, the Portuguese side has stood out that “since I arrived here always has been a dream. This club has five Leagues of Champions, the last of them in 2015. We dream, have all the right to do it. We are a young team, but with a lot of future and think that go by the correct way. It will depend a lot of our parties from now, of how face each one of them, even in the championship. Have the feeling that it could go well”.

The praise of Cancel to Xavi in the Barça

On the other hand, the player whose index card belongs to the Manchester City, has been questioned on if the team is more freed psychologically since Xavi Hernández announced his resignation: “I do not see it like this, especially because the trainer always has been a very correct person with us. I think that if it is not the one who more want to to the club in our team, will be one of which more wants it”.

Of the trainer egarense has added that “it is a legend of the Barcelona and sometimes the people forgets what did to be here. It faced the challenge of the club when it was not in the best economic level, of players, and this is worthy of praise. No only when it wins it is necessary to give value. Like player valued it a lot and, as have the pleasure to have it like trainer, appreciate it even more. Xavi gave us this relief, because he same wanted to sacrifice so that the team soltara more”.

‘Toxicity’ in the Barça?

I cancel also it has pronounced on if it thinks that, sometimes, it is toxic to play in the Barça: “Have a very strong mentality, especially because to personal level have gone through a lot of things and always have looked the life of positive form. I have gone through worse moments in my personal life that in my sportive life. The pressure affects to ones more than to others”, explaining that it does not affect him because has a barrier and standing out that “from the moment in that I lost to my mother, saw me forced to grow much faster, to be much more mature, to be the leader of my familito. No all the world is like this. The Barcelona is a difficult club, but is the club of my career with which more enjoy, always wanted to be here”.

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