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FC Barcelona statement

FC Barcelona refute any declaration that casts doubt over the historic commitment of the Club in relation to policies of equality between men and women, where the organisation is a pioneer in the world of sport. FC Barcelona approved it Equality Plan in 2013, seven years before the passing of equality legislation, compulsory in businesses of more than 150 workers. 

The II FC Barcelona Equality Plan, with an end date of April 2023, is currently extended in agreement with the Equality Commission, comprised of representatives from the company, from the social area (Business Committee) during negotiations for the III FC Barcelona Equality Plan. In parallel to this negotiation and fruit of the broad collaboration between Club agents, the Protocol for the prevention and approach to sexual harassment for reasons of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression has been updated and the prevention and approach to harassment in the workplace, both in vigour since 5 February 2024, as well as the first negotiating conversations for a new Collective Agreement for FC Barcelona. 

As such, the Club makes it clear that it is not correct to state that:

Protocols for sexual harassment do not exist: FC Barcelona has, since 2020, a Protocol for the prevention and approach to sexual harassment for reasons of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. This protocol is a pioneering one in the country in the reach and content creating a network of people formed by over 40 people, who have been especially trained and personal training session have taken place with over 500 FC Barcelona workers involved, amongst which are the women’s and men’s first teams. 

The Club has been penalised for wage differentials: FC Barcelona has not been notified for any non-compliance related to wage differentials and consequently there is no penalisation for FC Barcelona in this matter. 

Lack of a Equality Plan: As the FC Barcelona has explained, the organisation is a pioneering one in the elaboration and adoption of Equality Plans before the specific legislation was passed on the matter. In the requirement received from the Work Inspection (November 2023) it is recognised que “in the moment of inspection, FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA fins itself negotiating the III Equality Plan for the entity, more detailed in the analysis of a diagnosis of the situation” and that “The willingness of the entity to reach the approval of the mentioned Equality Plan conforming to the Royal Decree 901/2020 in the first trimester of 2024.” Finally, the result of the inspection has been: “Formal Requirements have been formulated for FC Barcelona so that, in complying with the social order regulation, it proceeds to adopt correcctive measures necessary to guarantee and respect the negotiation, elaboration and application of the Equality Plan in the legal terms planned. Establishing a plan a retake period of four months since the reception of the requirement.” The period mentioned of four months ends on 15 March and so that Club as well as the Business Committee inform that the III FC Barcelona Equality Plan has finished, only remaining its required inscription. 


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