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FC Barcelona wins diversity in sport award

FC Barcelona’s ongoing efforts to promote diversity and respect in sport have been recognised with the Love Rights association’s award for diversity in sport.

The news comes on the International Day Against LGTBI-phobia in Sports, at an event organised by Love Rights in Barcelona, ​​at the Kimpton Vividora Hotel, to commemorate and give exposure to such an important initiative.

The event was attended by Maite Laporta, head of the Club’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Department; Kevin de Ribes, president of Love Rights; and representatives of the European Commission, the Government of Catalonia, the Catalan Sports Council, Barcelona City Council, Panteres Grogues, Pride! BCN and the Gay Games Federation. Personalities from the world of elite sports, activism and the representation of footballers were also in attendance.

The event features discussions and panels as well as the award ceremony, where the different guests representing sport and diversity were able to share their experiences about the reality of diversity and respect in sport and the challenges for the short, medium and long term future.

Sport as a tool for social normalisation

FC Barcelona has always striven to promote the democratic values of equality and non-discrimination, and continually campaigns for the eradication of all sexist, homophobic and racist attitudes in society and sport; and encompasses diversity as a cornerstone of all of its activities.

On 18 February 2022, FC Barcelona and Panteres Grogues signed a partnership agreement that laid the foundations for cooperation between both entities, with the Club focusing its interest on education and advice related to the diversity of gender, identity and sexual orientation, as well as the struggle against LGTBI-phobia in the world of sport, as established by the FC Barcelona Statutes.

The activities that have already been carried out as a result of this agreement have included, for example, several talks on sport and LGTBI+ people by Panteres Grogues, in the Auditori at la Masia, the goal of which was to offer an overview of this group and raise awareness among the handball, basketball, roller hockey and futsal coaches, as well as the teaching staff at La Masia.

About Love Rights

Love Rights is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to defend the rights of LGTBIQ+ people both nationally and internationally, promoting inclusion and diversity in various social and corporate fields. Love Rights also provides support to LGTBIQ+ people from countries where their fundamental rights are not respected, giving them the opportunity to find a future in Spain.

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