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‘Fight until we cannot breathe’: Barcelona president urges team to keep battling until end of season

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has assured that the team will fight for all possible titles right until the very end, saying that this team never throws in the towel. 

Laporta, who was attending the presentation of the documentary “Orígens | Araujo” that will soon be released on the ‘Barça One’ platform, thinks that until the numbers tell us otherwise, both the team and the fans should keep believing.

“We cannot give up. We culés cannot give up, we can never throw in the towel,” he was quoted by SPORT

“We cannot say in advance that we will not fight. We have to fight until we cannot breathe,” he added.

About the Documentary

Orígens | Araujo is a documentary that explores Araujo’s life in his hometown, Rivera. In 40 minutes, it reveals the important values he holds in his family, personal life, and career. These principles have been crucial in his path to becoming a player for FC Barcelona.

Orígens | Araujo will be released on Barça One. (Photo by Yasser Bakhsh/Getty Images)

Speaking about it, Laporta mentioned that it is extremely motivating and it is Araujo’s hunger that has made him one of the best centre-backs in the business.

“This documentary has been very motivating. Only talent is not enough, mentality is essential and Ronald personifies it. His fight has made him one of the best centre-backs in the world,” he said.

It is to be noted that the documentary, co-produced by Barça Studios in collaboration with Vanquish Media, is set to make its official debut on Barça One. Congratulating the defender, the president added,

“I liked it a lot, it was very interesting. He seemed very human to me,” explained Laporta.

“Congratulations, Araujo for being who you are and your family for how they have raised you. We have been able to understand the values ​​with which you have grown up in your life, which are projected in the professional sphere. 

“You are perseverant, a fighter. The personification of what we want in a Barça player: is that he never throws in the towel. Something that Xavi also conveys, he is optimistic and always sees the glass half full,” he added. 

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