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Ousmane Dembélé finds the physical and competitive consistency that he did not have at Barça


Ousmane Dembélé Seems has found the stability in Paris that never, or hardly ever, had in Barcelona. The French extreme has delivered better feelings after a start something complicated in which the figures did not accompany with his usual disequilibrium, being already from does several weeks the maximum assistant of Tie it 1, with eight passes of goal, and his association with Kylian Mbappé is being one of the main arms of Luis Enrique in the season, as it remained showed this Tuesday in front of the Real Sociedad.

In summer, Paris Saint Germain executed his clause of rescission, paying 50 millions to the FC Barcelona, and since the growth regarding continuity for the extreme has been more than remarkable. In total, Dembélé has contested 30 parties with the T-shirt of the PSG, being headline in 24 of them, something that quickly does to highlight the fact that it does not have lesionado in all what goes of course, something that in the Barça simply never happened.

Dembélé Seems to go back to be that player of the Dortmund

Besides, Luis Enrique this Tuesday showed him to the world a ‘new’ Dembélé afterwards that it saw to the French with a full version of freedom in internal zones, something that remembered a lot to his explosion with the Borussia Dortmund in the season 2016-17, the last besides in which it did not lose any party by injury. The player even was collaborating defensivamente in some played, being more an offensive midfield player that a pure forward, something that in the Barcelona club neither saw in his six years in the entity.

Although certainly the previous course delivered a big performance with Xavi Hernández, the figures also show that it lost 19 parties and was lesionado 89 days, something that besides does that it was to alone 175 minutes (almost two parties) to equalise the 2.169 minutes that contested the past season with the Barcelona T-shirt. Simply it seems a new player, or at least seems able to recover his best version regarding combining talent with regularity.

This Tuesday besides attained to première in what contributions of goal in the Champions League, doing it like assistant for one of the two goals of Mbappé. Further of the tremendo performance of Kylian, Dembélé is being this player in which the PSG also can trust, especially now that the own club has left very clear that does not schedule his future with the presence of the of Bondy.

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