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‘Fundamental’ – Pep Guardiola hails the ‘Barcelona DNA’ ahead of Real Madrid clash

The quarterfinal stage of the UEFA Champions League is set to kickstart tomorrow, with Real Madrid taking on Manchester City in the headline encounter.

Speaking ahead of the game, Man City coach Pep Guardiola discussed multiple aspects of the match. But most notably, he was asked about four coaches from the Barcelona academy reaching the last eight of the competition.

These four coaches are Luis Enrique, Xavi, Mikel Arteta and Guardiola himself.

The influence of Barcelona on Guardiola

Responding to the question, Guardiola was not shy in admitting that Barcelona had played a crucial role in shaping his managerial career.

“For me, Barcelona’s influence on me as a coach was fundamental. I started as a ball boy at 13 and look where I got to,” he said, as quoted by Man City.

Guardiola is indeed regarded as one of the most successful trainers to ever coach Barcelona. During his four-year stint from 2008 to 2012, he won multiple titles, including a sextuple.

Guardiola, though, refused to comment on other Barcelona academy coaches such as Arteta, Enrique, or even Xavi.

However, perhaps the most interesting part of this particular aspect is that at least three of these four Barça coaches can possibly reach the semifinal stage if they win their respective quarterfinal matches.

Barcelona, for example, may have to face all ex-Barça academy coaches on their path to final. They are already up against Enrique’s PSG this midweek, which could be followed by Arteta’s Arsenal. In the final, Barcelona may possibly face Guardiola’s Man City

These are, of course, merely possibilities and the actual outcome might come out very differently. Barcelona’s focus, nevertheless, will be on getting the better of PSG this midweek.

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