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How much should Barca accept to sell Jules Kounde to PSG?


Very few teams fit better in Jules Koundé, as long as it decide to change of airs, that Paris Saint-Germain. And it is that the French team has changed his strategy of market and now is used to to fix in international Frenchmen that can contribute a performance of present but now also of future, giving also a lot of importance to have good defences to the hour to build a team.

It is thus that does not surprise that the player of the Barça have gone in in the diary of the PSG, adding besides this always key factor for a lot of players to be able to return to play to his country of origin. Besides, Koundé shows each weekend his affinity by the masculine fashion, something in what Paris is surely the city of more importance to world-wide level, perhaps beside Milan.

It is thus that to continuation consult you in FCBN the figure that the Barça would have to demand to the French team to open the door to a Koundé that simply has not been able to consolidate like head office in the Catalan team, and like side has clear limitations. It is important to highlight that the culés paid some 50 ‘kilos’ in 2022 to the Seville by his signing, by what will need a figure a so much upper to that to be able to amortise a big part of that operation.

The Barça has to insist in taking out the maximum possible money

Although it is not easy that the PSG can invest 70 or more million euros in a defence, taking into account that fichó in 2023 to players like Milan Skriniar and Lucas Hernández, and that in the side keeps Hakimi, yes that the culés could take advantage of the possible exit of Kimpembe of the conjoint Frenchman for presionar in the negotiation. Besides, Luis Enrique, to be still in the PSG, will be loved to add to a player that has happened two years under the philosophy of the Barça and with wide experience inside the Spanish football.

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