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‘I will not tolerate lies’ – Barcelona coach Xavi says as he sues reporter

FC Barcelona manager Xavi has reportedly opened legal proceedings against Manuel Jabois of El País and will do the same against Javi Miguel of AS.

Speaking on the matter, the manager said, “I will not tolerate lies and a situation where things are being invented. I think it’s time to say ‘enough.’ These are very big lies.”

Xavi’s issue with Jabois stems from claims the journalist made on the radio in which he said the coach sent him offensive text messages after the writer criticized Barcelona.

On the other hand, Xavi has reportedly told Miguel he should retract some of the things he has said, or face a lawsuit.

The offending text seems to be claims Miguel made that Xavi had asked all players to take out their phones so they could be inspected for any leaks made to journalists.

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