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Mbappé makes it clear that he has “many problems”, but Luis Enrique “is not one of them”


Paris Saint-Germain advanced to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League thanks to a convincente victory in front of the Real Sociedad in Donosti (1-2). The ones of Luis Enrique took advantage of the doublet of Kylian Mbappé to sentence the eliminatory and, after the party, the ‘crack’ French took advantage of to refer to his complex actuality in the PSG because of his intention to leave in summer and the supposed bad relation with ‘Struggle’.

“With him there is not any problem, although the people can think that yes. I have a lot of problems, but the trainer is not one of them”, said when being consulted on the decision of the technician astuariano of dosificar his minutes in the last parties of league. The one of Bondy finish in the terracing the past weekend in front of the Monaco, but the Tuesday had a stellar night in San Sebastián, converting a doublet in where it exhibited his capacity to define in the area.

Mbappé Left a ‘dart’ to the directive of the PSG by his future

When being consulted on the possible need to ratify his role of essential player in the team, the ‘7’ was cutting with an answer that included a ‘dart’ to the Parisian directive. “Always I want to play the League of Champions, is a very important competition. Always I try to surrender. Sometimes I do it, sometimes no. Never I will be a player that hide “, affirmed the one of Bondy in mixed zone.

With his doublet in the Reale Sand, Kylian arrived to 6 goals in 8 parties of Champions and 34 so many in 34 apparitions in all the competitions in the 2023/24. Thanks to him Paris left on the way to the Real Sociedad (did 3 of the 4 goals of the team in the eliminatory) and, further of the controversy on his continuity, is clear that Luis Enrique can do without Mbappé in some duels of Tie it 1, but no in Europe.

Luis Enrique backed the message of Mbappé

By his part, Luis Enrique, faithful to his habit, also desetimó any controversy with the ‘7’ in the press conference post party. “Obviously Kylian will say that it does not have problems with me. What sells is to throw shit and that there is jaleos. The truth? To who interests the truth? I do not have any problem with any player”, sentenced the ex trainer of the FC Barcelona and The Red.

On the exhibition of the of Bondy, ‘Struggle’ also was cutting to disassemble any idea of a possible message to the directive with his goals. “You think that this has to show it Mbappé with 25 years? It marks 50 goals and 25 assistances with any trainer. For me it is the best player of the world in the last third, imparable. Today it has done also a party a bit when the situation of the game required it to hold the balloon and attack the depth. But this is collective”.

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