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Motta could end up training a ‘great’ next season despite Barça’s “no”


The name of Thiago Motta has burst into with a lot of strength in the panorama of the international football. The exfutbolista ítalo-Brazilian of 41 years of age, now in his adventure like technician, with little more than 100 parties in First Division (115), already has positioned like one of the most striking trainers of the Series To. The reason? After two discreet adventures in the Genoa and the Spezia, now is having a remarkable actuality with the Bolonia FC.

The ‘rossoblù’ at present occupy the fourth position in the table of classification of the Series To, surpassing to stood out casts of the balompié Italian like the Rome, Atalanta, Naples, Fiorentina and the Lazio. No only this, also are near of the third place, to alone five points of the AC Milan. Besides, they enjoy of a series of seven consecutive parties without knowing the defeat, which generates illusion between the ‘Tifosi’ of the Bolonia FC, since they think that could colarse again in a European competition.

It is necessary to remember that the last time that participated in a tournament of this type was in the season 1999-00, when they arrived to the third round of the Glass of the UEFA, now known like the Europe League. Nevertheless, if they keep in this position, could access to the UEFA Champions League.

The ítalo-Brazilian sounded to be the relief of Xavi in the FC Barcelona

These attainments have positioned to Thiago Motta like a very valued technician to international level, thanks to the attractive offensive proposal of his square. The ‘rossoblù’ are a group that knows to treat the ball and does not be used to to resort to the pelotazo, but it prefers to build the game from backwards and associate in short. In spite of this, also know when deploy a quite vertical and conclusive proposal when it is necessary. By this, his methodology of game has generated a lot ‘hype’ and, motivated to that, after the announcement of the resignation of Xavi Hernández like trainer of the FC Barcelona the next 30 June, his name sounded like one of the candidates to be his substitute.

However, after the Barcelona cast established the profile of trainer that looks for, basing in somebody with wide experience in the international football and in the handle of clubs ‘top’, the name of Thiago Motta practically was descartado. In the actuality, does not seem a viable option to replace to Xavi Hernández. Nevertheless, the ítalo-Brazilian also seems to interest to another big European club.

Thiago Motta interests to one of the clubs ‘top’ of the Series To

As it informed the journalist Santi Aouna, the Juventus would be interested in that Thiago Motta was the successor of Massimiliano Allegri at the end of the season. It is necessary to remember that the current technical director of the ‘Vecchia Signora’, the one who has agreement with the picture ‘bianconero’ until 2025, could abandon the club this summer because of the current situation. According to the referred source, east would be the wish of the sportive direction of the Italian square headed by Cristiano Guntoli.

Besides, regarding Thiago Motta, according to the information of Aouna, the negotiations between both parts already would have begun well, since exjugador of the Barça would be opened to join to the combined of Turín. However, still there is not at all concrete, since the trainer follows concentrated in the end of the season with the Bolonia FC, although it is not for nothing descartable that the conversations continue in the weeks to come, rememorando that the agreement of the native of Sãor Bernardo do Field with the combined ‘rossoblù’ finishes the next 30 June.

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