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Impossible return? Xavi Simons, the ‘player’ who would elevate Barça’s football and competitiveness


Xavi Simons became does no so many years one of the big ‘jewels’ of the Masia of the FC Barcelona. The Dutch stood out from very small and won a lot of followers and fame being still a boy. His exit of the Barcelona picture after finish his stage cadet was quite controversial, since it decided not renewing and leave free to Paris Saint-Germain with alone 16 years. It said that it was by an economic question, since the Barcelona did not offer him an important sum, but also had a lot that see that in France promised him a fast ascensión put to the first team that in the Barça anybody wanted to ensure him.

Therefore, the international ‘orange’ decided to leave to Paris, where debuted with the greater in 2021, but where did not achieve to settle in any moment. In fact, after understanding that it did not have place and that his enormous progression was stagnating , decided to go out traspasado, but with option of repurchase for the Parisians, in the summer of 2022. It arrived to the PSV Eindhoven, where exploded of brutal form to the marcaro 22 goals and deliver 12 assistances, showing the well that it is in reality. After his temporadón, the PSG decided to go back him to ‘repescar’ to yield him in the Leipzig, where also is surrendering of wonder (8 so many and 12 passes of goal up to now).

Precisely with the German picture has done some eighth of spectacular final, in spite of the elimination in front of the Real Madrid. In the gone, Xavi was the best of his team, leaving occasions, dribblings and passes of ‘crack’ total, whereas in the turn, without arriving to this level, also surrendered to big level and was a nightmare for the whites between lines. If somebody had some doubt of his level in the elite, the Dutch cleared them all in this crossing, showing that it is one of the youngsters with more present and future of the planet.

Xavi Simons is one of the best youngsters of the world

With alone 20 years, Simons has the quality, the ambition, the impudence and the conditions to be of the best mediapuntas of the world during the next decade. In the quarry of the Barça was more inner that attacker, but in the PSV showed his ease to move between lines and his big hit, by what now plays more near of the rival area that of the own. Where more stands out is by in front of a double pivote, as second tip or like left extreme, with freedom to fall to the half and initiates the game, and also to take advantage of his diagonals. In summary, shines and moves just in the zones where the FC Barcelona more needs to reinforce, taking into account his lacks.

The Barça, further of Pedri and can that Gündogan, does not have footballers that see the last pass with ease and that move with intelligence where the ball more burns. Xavi is this class of player and, besides, complete his big vision of game and his debugged individual technician with a big shot and with quite ‘smell’ goleador. In this Barça could play escorado to the left in a 4-3-3 pure and like fourth midfield player in the 4-4-2 that so much uses Xavi Hernández. It would be a perfect signing in all the senses and could fit to perfection with the style of game culé.

A lot of barcelonistas dream with his return after seeing the exhibitions of Simons in front of the Madrid. The one of Low Countries has showed that it is much more that marketing, something of what some accused him in his starts, and has left clear to be prepared to be important in any team with aspirations. In the new Camp Nou could do the delicidas of all the fans, since in addition to very good is very amused to see, and could turn into a total idol like excanterano that is.

The turn of Simons in this 2024, an impossible dream

Unfortunately, the things are not so easy and the turn of the mediapunta seems a chimaera, at least of face to this summer of 2024. It expects that the PSG demand to the youngster ‘crack’, promising him a leading role, especially after the presumable exit of Kylian Mbappé. This already does that try negotiate his signing was complicated, but if to this adds him besides that the culés go to be followed having serious economic problems for this market veraniego, does that the traspaso was almost unfeasible.

The price of Simons right now is of world-wide star, since has a value of 70 million euros. With the needs that will have Paris Saint-Germain with the course of Mbappé, is impossible that sell him by less than 80 or 90 ‘kilos’, a quantity totally prohibitiva for the current Barcelona, that with luck will be able to aspire to some signing of 50 or 60 in case that it work well his ‘operation gone out’. Therefore, except miracle it will be necessary to follow enjoying of Xavi by the television until the barcelonistas have a better economic situation and can launch to by his signing.

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