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Ousmane Dembélé confesses before confronting to the Barça


Although in the FC Barcelona have a ‘spine’ nailed with Ousmane Dembélé by the forms in which it abandoned the club in the past summer, for the player of 26 years is one ‘joy’ reencontrarse with which went his house by six years. In the previous of the dispute of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the footballer of the Paris Saint-Germain has ‘wet’ with his reunion with the culés.

In some statements offered to UEFA TV, the French attacker has left clear that, for him, is one very good news can confront to the Barça and return to Spain, in a week for the party of turn: “it Is wonderful to go back to play in Barcelona and Spain. I think that it will be a big football match”. It is a special party for him, by all what means, but will go with ‘all’ to help to the PSG to ‘colarse’ to some new semifinals.

Dembélé Confesses

Dembélé Has confessed that has spoken of the eliminatory with varied of his excompañeros in the Barça, like Koundé or Gavi, although this last is ‘KO’ until the next season: “I Saw to Jules Koundé in the selection with France and there were some pranks, as always. But it will be a big party. Also I put me in contact with Gavi, although it is lesionado. Often we speak between us before the parties”.

The ‘mosquito’ also has confessed that has a lot of positive memories of his stage in the Barcelona group, in which they were many the educations: “it would say that I learnt a lot, inside and out of the field, thanks to my trainers, but also to the big friends that did there. I do not know to all, but know to a lot of people that follows there. I learnt a lot”.

Dembélé, a role model?

Finally, ‘it wetted’ regarding if it is, or no, a model to be followed. Dembélé Has had an infinity of heights and basses, especially in the Barça by his repeated injuries and physical problems, but in Paris, at least for now, has found the tranquility and regularity: “it would not say exactly that I am a model to be followed, but always have tried to play to the highest level. I began in Rennes. Afterwards I joined me to the Dortmund, a bigger club, afterwards to the Barcelona and now to the PSG. I followed the course of my career”.

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