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Piqué reveals how comparisons with Cristiano Ronaldo affected Leo Messi


If there is somebody that can think with sufficient property on one of the sportive rivalries bigger of the history, if no the biggest, between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, that is Gerard Piqué. The historical exzaguero of the FC Barcelona had the opportunity to share lawn and changing room so much with the Portuguese during his stage in the Manchester United (15 meetings) and obviously many more with the Argentinian (506 commitments) during the time that coincided in one of the best periods of the Barcelona cast. Therefore, ‘Geri’ can speak perhaps with something of property on subjects that concern to this rivalry.

In this sense, the Catalan, in an interview with ‘talkSport’, allowed give a revelador testimony on ‘La Pulga’, in concrete, the current president of the Kings League commented on which was the attitude of the rosarino regarding the environment that surrounded his constant crashes with the player luso. “To Messi mattered him Cristiano Ronaldo? No, it was not this type of person. It was centred in the team, although it always was in first flat. Only it was centred in winning trophies for the team“, emphasized.

How many times confronted Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

It is necessary recalcar that this rivalry was extremely couple in all the senses. Speaking in official competition, according to the metric of ‘Transfermarkt’, confronted in a total of 36 occasions. Under this number, the one of Funchal appears like the fourth footballer against which the exjugador of the FC Barcelona has seen the faces in greater quantity of opportunities. By his part, the current ’10’ of the Inter Miami is the second footballer against which the ‘7’ of the To the-Nassr has rivalizado in greater quantity of chances in the terrain of game.

Of these 36 crashes between both ‘cracks’, the figures are quite couples. Cristiano Ronaldo despega slightly with 16 victories, whereas Leo Messi has a total of 11, remaining nine parities. Now, to individual level, the Argentinian surpasses by very little to the Portuguese in his épicos duels. ‘The Flea’ has converted 21 annotations, whereas ‘CR7’ follows him very closely with 20 targets. This, clear is, without deepening in the titanic fight that both rid in the career for obtaining individual prizes and do of the label of better player of the world.

Nowadays, both find out of what could consider the football of elite to world-wide level, since they have gone to alternative leagues. One finds in the To the-Nassr of Saudi Arabia and the another in the Inter Miami of United States. In spite of this, keep on being names mediáticos, to the point to generate a big stir when it announced for the past month of February a ‘Last Dance’, that would be a friendly between the teams mentioned previously and that would develop in the Riyadh Season Cup 2024. Unfortunately, because of physical problems presented by both legends, frustrated this longed for reunion, and now remains the uncertainty of if there will be or no the occasion that in the future they go back to confront and write a new chapter in this fight of titanes.

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