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The FC Barcelona will resort the sanction by the payment to representatives

This Friday has confirmed the conviction to a FC Barcelona by 23 million euros. The resolution of the Contentious Room Official of the National High Court has desestimado the resource that had presented the Barcelona entity by the income tax of the Physical People (income tax) that had derived of the payment to agents of footballers between 2012 and 20215. As it has confirmed the Barça, will resort the decision.

From the National High Court have detailed that the payment done by the Barça to the representatives of the players are subject to the retention in the moment of the credit and that are forced to practise and ingresar said retention, whereas from the Barcelona entity understand that the amounts split from the reward by his services -to the club- and would not have to impute like reward of the players the quantities that correspond to provision of services offered directly to the club.

The communiqué of the FC Barcelona on the sentence

In the communiqué issued this Friday, from the Catalan entity stand out that they will present resource to the High court by the decision of the Administración and that are surprised because ” this section of the Dispute-Administrative of the National High Court have not taken into account the most recent jurisprudence of the High court in this regard, and by which have been able to benefit other clubs of football in recent sentences by the same problematic”.

Of the same way, from the Barça stand out the surprise by the “divergent criterion of the National High Court when it does few months another section estimated a resource of our club in an identical subject to the current that derived of the same inspection in relation with the Income tax of the No Resident”, whereas it aims that the sentence does not comport, at least for now, the obligation “of payment for the Club, being this contingency properly provisionada in the annual accounts”.

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