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The NFL could land in the Camp Nou in 2026


The National Football League (NFL) is one of the ‘businesses’ that more money moves in United States and every time is more common that, along the regular season, contest split in Europe. For example, for this 2024 has confirmed that Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings will organise a party in London, in the Tottenham Hotspur and Wembley. Besides, Carolina Panthers will do it in the Allianz Sand of Germany.

The big aim of the NFL is to carry the American football to more corners of the world and every time will add more cities and stadiums. It is practically ‘done’ that Santiago Bernabéu, house of the Real Madrid, will house a party in the 2025 and the FC Barcelona does not want to remain by behind for when the Camp Nou was completed after the works.

The NFL, to the Camp Nou?

The feudo barcelonista is living a historical transformation that began around the middle of 2023 and that will finalise in 2026. The forecast is that the stadium was completed in the first semester of this year, but there is those who are less optimistic and consider that, in spite of that are fulfilling the terms with the works of demolition and subterranean tasks, to the moment of the constructions the process will go to slow fire. However, in 2026 it is the deadline in which Limak promised ‘give back’ the stadium like one of the most innovative enclosures of Europe and with a capacity expanded.

From ‘RAC1’ have aimed that in the s dispatches of the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper are working to achieve that the Camp Nou was one of the headquarters chosen for the parties of the NFL in the 2026, like part of the ‘inauguration’ of the stadium. The agreement is not advanced, but in the club have aimed that go by good way and that they will be able to house one of the clashes of the North American competition.

An agreement that comes ‘cooking’ from 2022

It is not something new, in any case. To finals of 2022 trascended that the club already was working in the possibility that they contested split in the feudo barcelonista. It is not a simple negotiation and has carried a good time, but would not have to take much more. The Real Madrid has completed it and Santiago Bernabéu will receive to the NFL the next year, by what the Catalans aim to be the following except twist of guion unexpected.

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