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There will be surprise? The decisive days for Madrid, Girona and Barça in LaLiga


It does not seem that it will be a League that ‘will resolve’ very soon. A week after the goleada to the Girona, the Real Madrid has remained neutralised in his visit to the Ray Vallecano and has remained the feeling that the ‘career’ still is not won. If the picture of Míchel attains to impose in front of the Athletic Club in Saint Memés (a field in which only it has won the White House!), the history will be much more opened to fault of 13 days for contesting .

The FC Barcelona splits like a secondary actor, looking it all from a distance that can seem very important. With the results of this weekend, have remained to eight points of the Madrid and, to fault of the dispute of the crash in Saint Mamés, to two of the Girona. The culés are conscious that they would have to win the 13 parties that remain by in front and, besides, that the two rivals ‘puncture’ more than once. Still it remains slope the visit to Santiago Bernabéu and Montilivi.

The case is that you are days can be, as little, decisive. Precisely, in seven dates will contest the Classical between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, that can serve to have a much clearer vision of how will advance the competition. Thus, we review the challenges that him avecinan to the three teams:

The Madrid, leader: Calendar without grantings


The next seven dates for the Madrid will not be simple. Will have four parties in the Bernabéu and other three to domicile, a factor that can play in favour, but the rivals will not be simple. The first ‘proof’ will be against the Seville home, team with which empató 1-1 in the first turn. They will not be able to have the sanctioned Dani Carvajal and Eduardo Camavinga, whereas Antonio Rüdiger keeps on being doubt. It will follow the always complicated visit to Valencia, receive to the Celtic and travel to Pamplona to confront to Osasuna, followed of the visit of the Athletic Club and the trip to Mallorca before receiving to the Barça.

  • Day 26: Real Madrid-Seville (25/2, 21.00h)
  • Day 27: Valencia-Real Madrid (2/3, 21.00h)
  • Day 28: Real Madrid-Celtic (10/3, 18.30)
  • Day 29: Osasuna-Real Madrid (16-17/3)
  • Day 30: Real Madrid-Athletic Club (30-31/3)
  • Day 31: Mallorca-Real Madrid (13-14/4)
  • Day 32: Real Madrid-Barça (20-21/4)

Girona, second: Split ‘hot’ to domicile

Without luar to doubts, the visit of the Girona to the Athletic Club in Saint Mamés will be one of the big ‘final’ of this League, because they are two teams that have surprised and that have left very few points on the way. The ‘lions’, home, have turned into a wall and will be the big challenge for the ones of Michel. After this party, will receive to the Ray, will travel to Mallorca, will confront home to the Osasuna and will move until Madrid to visit the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, another of the difficult stadiums in this course. Next, they will measure in front of the Betis before returning to the capital for the decisive crash against the Athletic.

  • Day 25: Athletic Club-Girona (19/2, 21.00h)
  • Day 26: Girona-Ray Vallecano (26/2, 21.00h)
  • Day 27: Mallorca-Girona (3/3, 18.30h)
  • Day 28: Girona-Osasuna (9/3, 21.00)
  • Day 29: Getafe-Girona (16-17/3)
  • Day 30: Girona-Betis (30-31/3)
  • Day 31: Athletic of Madrid-Girona (13-14/4)

Barça, third: Calendar ‘cheat’ and key visits


In paper, the parties home in this stretch will be the more ‘simple’ for the Barça, although it is not a secret for anybody that in Montjuïc is where more have left points the Catalans. The calendar presents like one very ‘cheat’ in which each error can cost very expensive. It will begin with the visit of the Getafe, followed of the trip to Bilbao to confront to an Athletic that them ‘humiliated’ in Glass of Rey, before receiving to a Mallorca with which empataron in the first turn. The following appointment will be in the Cívitas Metropolitan, followed of the crash in front of the Palms home and Cádiz and Real Madrid to domicile.

  • Day 26: Barça-Getafe (24/2, 16.15h)
  • Day 27: Athletic Club-Barça (3/3, 21.00h)
  • Day 28: Barça-Mallorca (8/3, 21.00)
  • Day 29: Athletic-Barça (16-17/3)
  • Day 30: Barça-UD The Palms (30-31/3)
  • Day 31: Cádiz-Barça (13-14/4)
  • Day 32: R. Madrid-Barça (20-21/4)

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