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They ensure that Claudio Echeverri is a mix of Leo Messi and Maradona


The last of the praises to Claudio ‘Diablito’ Echeverri has come of Daniel Brizuela, the one who discovered to the young Argentinian talent and brought it to River Plate. “It is a prodigio, a mix between Maradona and Messi. It is a totally distinct player to the rest”, said Daniel Brizuela in an interview to ‘Page 12’. The ‘cazatalentos’ of Argentina even compared to the greater promise of the Argentinian football with the two better players of the history.

The boss of catchment of the club where plays at present the young born talent in Resistance (Argentina) explained how discovered him: “When I observed it move, thrilled me with the first control oriented, since it knew that it had found a different footballer. Definitely, it is a boy prodigio”, revealed Brizuela, discoverer of the footballer that carried it to the Millionaire club when had only 9 years.

Brizuela revealed besides that the FC Barcelona wanted to ficharlo when were 12 years old: “it wanted to It fichar when were 12 years old. It was after it shined in a tournament in Vienna. Carles Puyol was working in the Barça, and River was of pre-season in the United States. They played a friendly both teams and D’Onofrio, ex-president of River, spoke in one of the loges with Puyol, that commented him that it wanted to carry to Claudio to the Barça”. Echeverri, that has been linked in more than an occasion the Barcelona club, will not dress for the moment the elastic blaugrana. The first steps in the European football will give them with the T-shirt of the Manchester City.

It dared to compare it with Messi and Maradona

Brizuela affirmed that The Diablito is a different player to the rest and that has qualities of Messi and Maradona. It stood out his intelligence in the field and his form to take the ball and go to forward: “Because has the personality that had Diego. It is of strong character and to hold the ball to go to forward. In this characteristic is very resembled Maradona. And the another part is the futbolística, and in this seems a lot to Messi, with his gambeta that starts recostado on a band to move to the half. It begins to driblar, arrives to the arch and marks a goal. It is very goleador, although it is not a born forward. Saving the distances, is a mix between both”.

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