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Xavi has lost the confidence of part of the Barcelona first-team squad already – report

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández is currently facing a challenge in maintaining the support of the entire first-team squad, as some players have lost faith in him, as per a report from ESPN.

However, Xavi remains confident in his leadership and is working to address the concerns of his players in a diplomatic and respectful manner.

The recent 4-1 defeat to Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercopa final has ramped up pressure on Xavi. But, as per the report, the discontent among the Barcelona players had already been brewing prior to this loss.

It has been reported that some stars have been questioning the team’s approach for some time, and they are also unhappy with Xavi’s comments that they have not been able to adapt to Barça’s style of play.

According to one source, there may be differing opinions among the players regarding the coach’s treatment of the squad.

However, a source close to Xavi asserts that the players remain supportive of him, despite the possibility of individual dissatisfaction within a 20-player squad.

While the team’s performance this season may not have met expectations, it is important to note that Xavi has been pleased with the behaviour and attitude displayed by the entire team.

It has been reported that the 3-2 victory over Almeria before Christmas, during which Xavi delivered a stern half-time talk, was a ‘turning point’ in the relationship between the players and the manager.

But, Xavi has expressed his confidence in his players in various news conferences, including after the recent defeat to Madrid. He remains convinced that they can turn the season around.

Sources consulted by ESPN have expressed some doubts surrounding Xavi’s future beyond this season, despite the contract renewal.

While this may suggest a slight decrease in confidence, it is important to note that Barça’s financial fair play situation presents challenges in dismissing Xavi and appointing a replacement.

Furthermore, there is a shortage of obvious candidates to turn to in the short term. So, Xavi is likely to see out the remainder of the campaign as the manager, although some missteps could end up costing him the job.

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