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Xavi to leave Barcelona at the end of the season: “The club needs a change of dynamic”

In a major bombshell Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has announced that he will leave the club at the end of the season as the team is in a major change.

The announcement comes after the Catalans suffered yet another disheartening defeat, losing 3-5 to Villarreal at home in La Liga.

Having already been eliminated from the Copa del Rey and lost the Spanish Super Cup, this defeat leaves the Catalans in an impossible position to win La Liga as well.

As such, after a meeting with club president Joan Laporta, Xavi has confirmed that he will be stepping down in the summer.

“We have reached a point of no return. It’s time for change. As a Culé, I think that it’s time to leave. I spoke with the board and the club today. I will leave on the 30th of June,” he said.

“I made my decision to leave at the end of the season a few days ago, but now I have decided to announce it.”

“I would like to announce that on June 30 I will not continue as Barça coach. The club needs a change of dynamic.”

Talking about the situation in the dressing room, he added: “The players will be free, they’re very tense right now. As a man of the club, I have to leave at the 30th of June.”

Confirming that he had made the decision a while ago, he said: “I feel very good. I made my decision a long time ago, and it feels liberating to announce it. I think that we can still have a good season in my last four months here.”

Thanking president Laporta for the opportunity, Xavi added: “I want to thank the president for the opportunity. He’s the best. Everyone on the board is a great professional.”

“My conversation with Laporta was very loving. He knows that I love him, and everyone at the club; Rafa, Deco… everyone. The relationships are very good.”

“I’m very calm. My leaving is the best for everyone. It’s the best for the club, for me, and for the players. We did a good job with our project, but it’s time for change.”

Claiming that the players are in need of a change, he added: “The players deserve a change of dynamic, and that will only happen if I leave.”

Claiming that his decision would not have changed irrespective of today’s result, he added: “Even if we won today, I took my decision a long time ago. I wouldn’t have announced it today, but I already knew I was leaving.”

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