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Aubameyang Sinks to the Villarreal and the Brighton of Ansu and Of Zerbi falls in Rome


The Europe League begins his more decisive phase and are varied the surprises that have produced in the gone of the eighth of final. The FC Barcelona has been very attentive to what has happened in the Olympic Stadium of Rome in the ACE Rome-Brighton, with Roberto of Zerbi and Ansu Fati like focus of attention. The history has finish with an incontestable goleada to the ‘seagulls’ that leaves them practically deleted of the competition waiting for the denouement in the American Express Community Stadium.

And it is that the Rome is flying from the arrival of Daniele Of Rossi, that relieved to José Mourinho, and in the European tournament has not been the exception. With a partidazo of by half, have vapuleado to the English group at first. Paulo Dybala, that is in state of grace, took less than a chamber of hour in opening the marker and Romelu Lukaku directed the victory before the rest. The goals of Gianluca Mancini and Bryan Cristante sentenced the history in front of Roberto of Zerbi, one of the candidates to relieve to Xavi Hernández, that did not have answer in front of the offensive power and command of the Italians. Ansu Fati ingresó To the terrain of game to the 45′, without options of a lot.

The Marseilles, without pidiedad in front of the Villarreal

Another party in which it has not existed contemplation with the rival has been the Marseilles-Villarreal, in the Orange Vélodrome. Of the hand of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang that no ‘tire’ to annotate goals, the French picture has imposed with a solvent 4-0 in front of the team of Marcelino, that ‘resigned’ in the first-half. Veretout Was the attendant to open the marker after appearing from second line to finish, to pleasure, a centre of Clauss. Five minutes afterwards, Mosquera tried to clear a centre to the area and finished sending the balloon to own door.

The nightmare of the ‘yellow submarine’ increased before the rest. They had demanded a penalti by a hand in the area, but the balloon touched in the face of a defender. In the following played, after a contragolpe, Mosquera dressed of ‘hero’ marsellés for the second time in the night and committed a fault on Sarr that, after review of the VAR, was signalled like maximum penalty. Aubameyang Did not fail from the eleven metres and commissioned of, practically, sentence the history in the 59′ after a new against that finish with the gabonés by the left sending a finish ‘hammered’ in front of Queen to nail the balloon in the square.

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