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Three options for Barcelona’s next season’s jersey amidst Nike drama – report

There is so much going on at Barcelona right now, that it almost gets difficult to keep track of at this point. The club are looking for a new manager, trying to offload players, choosing ideal transfer targets, and are also in the middle of the Negreira controversy.

And on top of this, Barça are also dealing with their shirt sponsor drama, with reports claiming that they are hoping for a higher price from Nike as their sponsor.

And are also considering replacing the American brand and start producing kits themselves so they can keep all profits from sales.

There are also talks about Puma potentially becoming the new sponsor, however, there have not been many updates on that front.

Amidst all of this, Gerard Romero has issued updates about the situation, saying that it is a very tense environment between the club and Nike, and that there are three different scenario for the ‘Barcelona shirt’ for next season and potentially beyond.

1. Termination of Nike contract

Like mentioned above, Barcelona are considering terminating their contract with Nike as their shirt producer if they do not receive a convincing offer from the company.

Instead, they could start producing their own shirts, much like how AS Roma and Leicester City have done in the past. While producing as many sales as Nike have been able to will be difficult, Barcelona will be able to keep all that they earn from it.

2. Nike for another season

With the design for next season’s half-and-half home shirt already released, Barcelona could potentially continue with Nike for next season, which is also the club’s 125th anniversary year.

This could mean higher sales with the new shirt, which looks reminiscence of their 2009 Champions League.

After this season, Barcelona could enter negotiations with Nike again, and take their final decision about the contract.

3. Enter Hummel

The third option is to terminate Nike’s contract at the end of this season, and agree a deal with Hummel. The Danish brand could potentially offer Barcelona a bigger contract than Nike.

They are currently producing kits for Everton, the Danish National Team, Koln, and Werder Bremen, among others, and Barcelona could be their biggest clients yet, at least for one season.

Wild Card: Puma

The report says that Puma’s CEO was in Barcelona today, and met with Joan Laporta and economic president Rafa Yuste to discuss about a potential deal.

The German giants will not take over any business yet, but could start producing kits for Barcelona starting from the 2025/26 season.

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