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Barcelona internally debating the consequences of terminating partnership with Nike – report

It’s no secret that Barcelona are undergoing an internal debate regarding the kit manufacturers for the upcoming season and in that regard, the team from Catalonia is mulling over three options options.

Following up to the story, the current discussion on the matter revolves around the fact that what consequences the club might face if they break their association with Nike, reports Mundo Deportivo.

The outlet mentions that there is one group that presses on the continuity while others are in favour of choosing Puma due to the economic factor but that can only be done by terminating their contract with Nike.

Barcelona are within legislation over termination with Nike

According to a document signed in May 2016, Barcelona do have the option to tell Nike two years in advance that they will not renew their partnership. Interestingly, the Blaugrana are currently within the time frame.

Some people in the club think it is a good idea to end the deal and switch to Puma, who has offered a better deal. They’re also considering making their own kits for a year. This could be profitable while waiting for a better brand to take over.

Barcelona are thinking of terminating contract with Nike. (Photo by Getty Images)

Financial impact could be a big hit

However, there are concerns about the financial impact of breaking up with Nike. Some think it is important to study the consequences carefully, as it could mean losing a guaranteed income. 

Right now, Barcelona are trying to increase their income to meet La Liga’s financial rules and avoid starting with a deficit. Breaking up with Nike might also lead to legal issues and the need to compensate for lost profits.

Thus, the decision is still up in the air. Some want to create their own brand, others prefer Puma, and some even consider renewing with Nike if they can get a better deal in the new contract.

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