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FC Barcelona will be firmly committed to the Araújo-Cubarsí partnership


The FC Barcelona has the firm aim to renew the agreement of Ronald Araújo further of the 2026 that at present has in his agreement. To weigh that the central Uruguayan is openly in the diary of the Bayern of Munich, that already wanted to ficharlo in the past market of summer but found with the refusal of the footballer to leave the Barça, the Barcelona entity keeps his position on the continuity of the defender.

And it is that in the Barcelona club, in spite of the apreturas economic, what prioritises is to keep to the defence because it considers him the best head office and praise that it does not want to is to lose to differential players and to which considers part of the vertebral column of the team. In fact, ‘Sportive World’ aims that the Catalan team looks forward to to begin to consolidate to the charrúa beside Pau Cubarsí like the society of the future in the centre of the defence culé.

A combination of styles that already have worked him very well to the Barça

The idea of the Barça is that Araújo can be from already the mentor of the canterano of 17 years, understanding that Cubarsí also will be renewed in the next months and that they could conform a big couple for the next polish inside the Barcelona entity. The idea culé would be ideal if we take into account that it can combine the speed and the aggressiveness of a defender with the vision of game and the elegance in the exit of balloon of the another.

Saving the distances, could return a balance like which achieved Carles Puyol and Gerard Hammered. Besides, the Uruguayan could correct and transmit his experience and his capacity of leadership to the young defence. And it is that clearly the big fails of Araújo is the exit of balloon, but with players to his around as Of Jong, Cubarsí or Cancel can devote without problem to cut balloons and dry forwards without greater worries.

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