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Nagelsmann moves Jürgen Klopp further away from FC Barcelona


Julian Nagelsmann finishes agreement like seleccionador of Germany after the Eurocopa of this summer that contests in the country teutión, something that does that his continuity in the bench of the ‘Maanschaft’ was not, neither much less, ensured. In fact, the technician did not dare to ensure if it will follow or no in the bench of his country once finalise said contractual links.

Asked on this situation, the míster preferred to leave everything in the air, adding besides that if it had to say something would be that it will not follow. “Still I have not thought it (on continuity). I am focused in the Eurocopa and afterwards already will see which raisin. My agreement finishes after the Eurocopa and right now would say that no”, affirmed Julian Nagelsmann, something that would leave opened the door for the arrival of Jürgen Klopp to the selection germana, especially if there is not a performance more than positive, which surely have to be arriving to the final of the continental tournament.

Another option for the bench of the Barça that seems to move away

It is necessary to highlight that Klopp, beside Hansi Flick, is surely the option that more likes to Joan Laporta for the role of trainer of the FC Barcelona from the next season. These two names, leaving to a side the one of Pep Guardiola by the moment, lucen like the favourites of the president, but with the almost ensured sabbatical year of Klopp and besides the possibility to head to his country, the situation seems to complicate increasingly.

In fact, several English means aim also that exists the possibility that it produce a reaction in chain if Nagelsmann has clear that will not continue with Germany. And it is that the Liverpool considers seriously to the exentrenador of the Bayern to reveal to his compatriot Klopp, but also could be another option for the Barça if finally the operation with Flick does not finish arriving to good port.

Although clearly it would not be the second in the list, Nagelsmann offers a very similar profile to the of Klopp and Flick, something that seems to be what is looking for Laporta, and also Deco, if they can hire a trainer of first level. The idea would be to give a jump of quality to the Barça in the dynamic, the physical and also can give continuity to the project with a technician that know to work with youngsters.

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